Digitization Using Advanced Scanning Hardware and Software

Image and photo scanning services are vital when it comes to digitizing paintings. Museums all over the world are hopping on to the digitization bandwagon by painstakingly photographing their exhibits and scanning them to be placed online. This is unshackling art from the inner corridors to open daylight so that everyone gets to experience its beauty even if they cannot visit galleries or pay for these works. It’s all about “democratizing” art. Advanced software is making it possible to efficiently digitize texts from earlier centuries, opening up library collections to a global audience.

This democratization is evident in healthcare services too. In places where there are few doctors and limited medical infrastructure, digitized healthcare allows people to get medical advice to prevent and even treat many illnesses. Customized app and software development makes this possible.

Globally Appeal of Digitized Content

Democracy’s underlying principles are “liberty, equality, fraternity” and in today’s world, “digitization” is enabling the applicability of these principles in many fields. Digitizing art and primary health services is making these widely accessible to the masses. Digitization technology has brought art from its high pedestals of exclusivity and scholarship to the smartphones of the common man, and made healthcare more accessible to the world’s rural population.

It’s no wonder that digitization is being heralded as the defining force of democracy. Breaking down barriers and providing access to all is exactly what the great political revolutions of the world believed in when they sought to destroy the tyrannical rule and inequality fostered by monarchy.

Freer and Sackler Makes Art Available Online

The Freer and Sackler art galleries of the Smithsonian have managed to digitize their entire Asian and American art collection, after over 10,000 hours spent in photographing the exhibits. The age of some of the exhibits made photographing them particularly difficult, but the determination to carry the project through to its end proved powerful enough to overcome the hurdles.

Through Freer and Sackler’s website, users from anywhere in the world can download the 40,000 images of the museum’s exhibits for free in high resolution for non-commercial use. The interesting part here is that most of the exhibits available online have never graced gallery walls.

Digitized Healthcare for Tackling NCDs in Rural Areas

Moving on to healthcare, developing countries are gearing up against NCDs (non-communicable diseases) such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and pulmonary diseases, particularly in the light of findings by the World Health Organization which stated earlier in 2015 that NCDs are a major cause of deaths each year. NCDs can be prevented, or cured before they reach the fatal stage, if timely medical intervention is provided. However, rural communities in many countries suffer due to the lack of adequate medical facilities and doctors. Digitization is helping to resolve healthcare crises in countries where rural areas have access to the Internet.

* Digital systems are being established for tracking healthcare of rural patients, while medical call centers are being established for rural people to seek medical advice whenever they need to.

* Cloud-based solutions are being developed for people to register from their mobile phones, which in turn enables the public agencies to get these individuals’ health monitored better and thereby have a better idea of the healthcare needs of the community.

* Such solutions and Big Data are revolutionizing healthcare globally, and providing healthcare support when direct access to a doctor is not possible. Local governments are tying up with solution providers to set up digital healthcare systems. Customized software development really has no limits, which bodes well for healthcare.

Digitization has made the world smaller and democratized knowledge, art and much more. For large projects, outsourcing electronic document conversion is the most practical option. Reliable service providers utilize advanced software and hardware to provide efficient solutions.