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Direct General Auto Insurance, or commonly referred to as Direct Auto Insurance, has some quite distinguishable features to separate it from most of its competitors in the market. Instead of providing only the common coverage and some generous discounts, the company also offers interesting additional protection including EPP (Emergency Protection Plan, Direct Roadside Assistant, and DirectDrive App. Each feature is briefly outlined as follows:

1. Emergency Protection Plan

Rather than purchasing some additional protection features (such as towing and ambulance cost) separately from the existing coverage policy, Direct Auto Insurance gives a package of additional protection in one extra coverage policy called EPP (Emergency Protection Plan). The details for EPP is are indeed different by state, but in general it compiles more or less the same things. Apart from towing and ambulance cost, EPP from Direct Auto Insurance includes lost personal effects, rental reimbursement, and even emergency cash. The main purpose of EPP is that Direct Auto Insurance covers any additional expense or payment for things that are not actually listed under your coverage policy.

2. Direct Roadside Assistant

Besides EPP, Direct Auto Insurance offers another additional coverage called Direct Roadside Assistant. You get 24-hours emergency towing, fluids delivery, flat tire service, and the service even gives assistance in case you are locked out of your car or lost your keys.

Both EPP and Direct Roadside Assistant are extra features; you are allowed to purchase or opt out the options depending on your personal preference. Full coverage auto insurance which may include the minimum state requirements (liability, property damage, bodily injury, etc), comprehensive, and collision is provided; they cover any expense from many unwanted incident on the road, but the additional features give extra protection for better road-safety.

3. Direct Drive App

Direct Drive App is not actually an additional coverage, but it is a free smartphone app that allows you to check real-time feedback of your driving behaviors. The statistics in the app are acceleration, speed, braking, etc. It sounds simple, but such driving statistics give accurate ideas on how you perform and improve the statistics for better and safer driving. The app also gives you the chance to compete against other drivers in your local area and submit your score online.

The statistics are interesting, but Direct Drive App can be payment portal with which you can pay monthly premium bill from your mobile phone as well. You can also access the official website of Direct Auto Insurance to get free quotes or use the app to find the nearest store to your location. More than just statistics, Direct Drive App gives advices and suggestion on how to improve your driving habits, too.

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