Diretta Bari vs Sampdoria live streaming through the internet on November 19, 2011.

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Bari vs Sampdoria Compete to Snatch Victory in Italy – Serie B. This game starts at 15:00 CET (Central European Time), for it would be better if you start watching it 15 minutes Earlier, so there is time for you to choose the channel over the internet That Gives the best picture and sound.

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Information on Both teams:

Sampdoria occupy the eighth position in Italy – Serie B scored 22 of 15 times a game. Retrieved from five times the victory, playing the series 7 times and 3 times less.

Bari was in ninth position to get the value 21 of 15 matches. Bari to be victorious 6 times, 3 times to play the series and lost six times.

Bari and Sampdoria have bertaning 8 times, Sampdoria won three matches, losing the series four times and 1 time. Thus the position of Sampdoria is superior when compared to Bari.

Data last games:


Bari 0:1 Sampdoria 23/04/2011

Bari 3:0 Sampdoria 12/05/2010


Bari 2:1 Sampdoria 25/03/2010

Bari 0:0 Sampdoria 11/01/2009


Bari 1:1 Sampdoria 30/03/2003

Bari 1:1 Sampdoria 27.10.2002


Bari 1:1 Sampdoria 02.03.2002

Sampdoria 3:0 Bari 09.10.2001

List of the match Italy – Serie B, November 19 2011

time in CET (Central European Time)

Sampdoria vs. Bari 15:00 CET

Crotone vs Torino 15:00 CET

Empoli vs Verona 15:00 CET

Modena vs Juve Stabia 15:00 CET

Nocerina vs Vicenza 15:00 CET

Padova vs Grosseto 15:00 CET

Pescara vs. Gubbio 15:00 CET

Sassuolo vs Brescia 15:00 CET

Varese vs Cittadella 15:00 CET

From the data of experience playing both teams, of course you will be able to guess who will be the winner.

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Diretta Bari vs Sampdoria live streaming through the internet on November 19, 2011., Seekyt
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