Disability income insurance for type 1 diabetes

People who have Diabetes Type 1may have problems getting or maintaining health or disability income insurance for type 1 diabetes. However, under the right circumstances it is possible to get it.

How do I qualify?

In order to qualify for disability income insurance for type 1 diabetesyou must have first not had a job for at least a year or believe that you won’t be able to get a job for at least a year. If that fits your situation, it is possible you will qualify to receive either Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income.

For this to be the case, the diabetes type 1 must be extremely severe and make it so it is hard for you to work or there are major complications if you work. These would include things such as vision issues, kidney problems, nerve damage that makes it hard to walk or stand, or use the hands, high blood pressure, heart problems, a stroke, peripheral artery disease, gastropareesis, or depression.

How do they decide if my disabilities fit to get disability income insurance for type 1 diabetes?

In order to decide if your Diabetes Type I is bad enough to stop you from working, the Social Security Administration will determine a person’s residual functional capacity or RFC. This measures how much a person can do regardless of their disability. A person will get a rating of light, medium or sedentary. The SSA will talk to your doctor, get statements from friends or family, and look at your medical records to help determine if you qualify for disability income insurance for type 1 diabetes. If all of that info backs you up, then you would get it.

The SSA wants basically to know how well you can function such as moving your limbs, standing or walking. Plus, they want to know how much your diabetes problem is in control or not. For example, if your disease makes you very tired, you may not be able to perform any sort of work related tasks. Or, if you may have nerve damage then you might not be able to stand up a long time so that would make it impossible for you to do some types of jobs. These are just a couple of examples of reasons you might get disability income insurance for type 1 diabetes.

The SSA also takes into consideration a person’s age, what their previous jobs were and their education records. If you are 55 or older, the SSA may decide you are eligible fordisability income insurance for type 1 diabetesif no jobs exist in your capabilities or you have no transferable skills, but if you are younger, they are likely to find unskilled jobs you can do instead. The SSA has a book called the Blue Book that lists the various problems and illnesses that may qualify for disability insurance.

All in all, you can get disability income insurance for type 1 diabetesdepending on your current situation and abilities if you meet these qualifications.