Discontinued Eye Shadow Makeups for MAC

From much and lengthy research, you finally come across the perfect eye shadow that seems to have been made with you in mind and you pray that it is not a discontinued eye shadow makeup for MAC. The color is perfect and so is the compatibility of the makeup with your skin type. The price is also right and you confidently conclude that that particular eye shadow was actually made specifically for you!

MAC is well known as a producer of about a hundred and fifty variations of eye shadow as well as a hundred and sixty shades of lipsticks. MAC also contributes funds to the society as a give-back package. An example of such a fund is the MAC AIDS fund which was launched in 1994 and has today raised an estimated $128 million.

A few months down the line, you discover that that particular line of makeup will soon be discontinued and you generally feel devastated. The feeling this creates is that of breaking up with a long standing friend. When one finds the prefect makeup, they create a bond – the face of the user and the makeup – that is reliable. The perfect color and make of makeup do not come easily. It is therefore, always a calamity when one finds the right makeup and it gets discontinued.

Arrangement of the MAC Eye Shadow Combinations

The eye shadows by MAC are alphabetically listed. They are typically not listed under many basic shades like Trax or Shroom. But they are however easily found if one does a more thorough research. Colors that are listed under two names can be found under the major color name. Any other information on extra colors that not appropriately fall easily under any name is listed under miscellaneous.

Discontinuation of Makeup

MAC Company is unfortunately, one of the well known cosmetic companies that discontinues makeup lines especially eye shadow makeup. For this reason, it is always advised that one be extra careful when purchasing eye makeup from MAC. The MAC lines of makeup have been used by the public from the early 1980s. The three letters are an acronym for Makeup Art Cosmetics. The major objective of coming up with the products was to not only cater for the user’s traditional requirements but also to come up with unique products hat are knows to be produced by MAC only.

However, the company experiences eye shadow makeup that does not move from its stores. Immobility of the eye shadow makeup is mainly attributed to the fact that many lines become discontinued and hence, users do not place much confidence in purchasing the products. Discontinuation of a makeup product is caused by improper production.

It is however argued that the products do not get strictly discontinued but get repackaged under a different name. To the generally buying public, this compromises on the trust that is built when the original product disappears. To reduce their losses, MAC is currently selling the old products for a discounted price that is sometimes reaching the half price mark. In this way, many people will buy the product and still enjoy the original results from these seemingly discontinued eye shadow makeup for MAC