Discontinued New Balance Walking Shoes

About Discontinued New Balance Walking Shoes and Where Can You Get One?

Discontinued New Balance walking shoes are hard to find especially when information about it is not widely spread. There are numerous reasons why most people opt for discontinued walking shoes. One in particular is the bargained price offered. Discontinued items are usually made with high quality materials and most of all you can actually save almost 50% of its actual price. But, what is the difference between a brand new style and a discontinued style of New Balance footwear? Furthermore, where can you purchase discontinued walking shoes manufactured by New Balance?

Recent VS discontinued walking shoes (New Balance)

In regards to the comparison of a latest and a discontinued shoe, the most distinguishing variable is the price. This is because most discontinued items are sold in bargains. To give you a better view, discontinued items are not being manufactured because of the decrease in consumer’s demand or due to large productions. Either way the company has firmly decided to stop production of the said product. Thus, a company would throw out a clearance sale to sell all remaining stocks to increase revenue.

In terms of functionality, quality and durability; discontinued New Balance walking shoes are on the same level compared to the latest products available. There may be some variation in style but as an overall point of view discontinued items present more positive attributes. However, this would depend on your preferences. If you’re someone who wants to be always in style then opting for the recent designs would certainly be your option.

Where to purchase discontinued New Balance shoes?

As of today, one can either purchase discontinued shoes manufactured by New Balance online or at any selected retail stores. Basically, most footwear retail stores post clearance sales from time to time. Malls and department stores are your best option when it comes to sale items. Typically, most sales are quarterly or annually.

Another option you can take is through online shopping. Although legitimacy issues are at hand there are still numerous reputable online stores you can browse. The most reliable website you can check is New Balance’s official website. Other than that here are some recommended websites you can check.

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Shopwiki.com
  • Bizrate.com

While purchasing online, always go for reputable sellers. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to inspect the product itself. Furthermore, always compare prices. Some sites would offer you great deals such as free shipping fee while others don’t.


In today’s economic crisis, practicality is major issue. Opting for recently released designs of walking shoes, sneakers and other types of footwear seems unreasonable. If you think about it the major purpose of purchasing walking shoes is for comfort. Whether you’ll use it for dog walking activities, running some errands or simply for morning walks all New Balance product would provide you the comfort you need. Aside from that, most recently released shoes are based on previous designs. It’s not really a big deal if your shoe is latest or old model. As long as quality, durability and functionality are provided, discontinued New Balance walking shoes are definitely a wise purchase.