Discover Green Azores Islands in Atlantic Ocean

Azores is an archipelago that is of Portugal nationality even though it is located in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. All the nine islands which have been formed on a volcanic basis represent an autonomous community. Their names are: Terceira, Pico, Faial, Sao Jorge, Graciosa, Santa Maria, Formigas Reef, Corvo and Flores.

National Geographic has rated Azores as the second best island in the world after reviewing various aspects of 111 islands in the entire world. One of the things that make it so amazing is the fact that it is not as accessible to people as the other islands. This has actually been an advantage in terms of the preservation of the nature and culture in Azores.

Azores Islands

Azores is the home of some of the tallest mountains in the world, considering the fact that they don’t only extend longitudinally above the ground as the others, being also measured far deep beneath the ocean. The Azores represent real examples of how nature can amaze us, raising to 2,351 m only above the water.

Even though tourism is not the strongest point of the Azores, once you will visit this remote archipelago you will be blown away by it. You can actually consider the lack of tourists a positive thing because you will be able to benefit from some piece and quiet while you’re exploring everything that Azores has to offer you.

Green Azores Islands

Thomas Ashe was the one who mentioned in this book “A history of Azores” the fact that this archipelago was first discovered by Portuguese which meant that Azores was a Portuguese land. The breathtaking nature, the remote locations that you can explore and the beautiful beaches represent some of the reasons why tourists have started considering these islands a great choice for their holiday. Feel free to discover this archipelago and make it your own getaway too.

Experience the sandy beach Azores

Being an archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean, finding a sandy beach Azores is not a very hard thing to do. If you’re planning a summer holiday where you can lay around, relaxing on the beach, then you are probably looking for the best sandy beach Azores where you can spend your time in. Thankfully, you have a lot of options to choose from.
One of the things that you should know about a sandy beach Azores is the fact that there is a large possibility that it involves black sand. Although it might sound weird, the formation of the sand has to do with the lava that came out of the volcans long time ago, which has been eroded throughout a long period of time.

Azores beach

Believe it or not, once you will take a look at pictures of any sandy beach Azores where you can find black sand you will definitely want to book a holiday there. There is something amazing about the mix between the clear, blue color of the ocean and the dark one of the sand. This is why the sandy beach Azores looks unique and interesting.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to give up your dream of the perfect golden sand you should check out any sandy beach Azores that is located on the island of Santa Maria. You will be able to choose between breathtaking landscapes that make you feel like you are in paradise.

white sandy beach azores

In addition to this, any sandy beach Azores allows you to experience the unique contrast between the flat ground of the sand and the high peaks on the coastal sides. If you prefer remote locations where you can enjoy sunbathing on a sandy beach Azores without a lot of tourists, you should check out Praida do Sul or Prainha because they can only be reached by walking.

Azores when to go

You can basically visit Azores any time that you prefer no matter if it’s in the summer or winter, considering the fact that both of these seasons are mild. If you’re going in Azores in the summer, you should know that the temperatures rarely rise above 26 Celsius degrees, due to the currents that are constantly making its way to the shores.
On the other hand, the winters in Azores involve temperatures that aren’t lower than 16 Celsius degrees. Although you might need to put on a sweater and jeans at times, you will be able to enjoy an amazing time exploring this beautiful archipelago. All the endemic flora and fauna represents the great heritage of Azores.

Azores map

From May to September, Azores is the host of The Holy Spirit Festivity, considering the fact that the official religion of all the Islands is Roman Catholic. Throughout this period of time, there will be many different opportunities to witness wonderful parades that involve music, dancing and processions which are related to the religion in Azores.
If this doesn’t sound attractive to you, there are tons of other festivities that happen all year round in Azores, too many to count on the fingers of both hands. Therefore, you can have a lot of fun during the wine harvest celebration which occurs in September. From 20 to 26th of August, if you come to Azores you will be able to be a part of the Whalers Festival.

Santa Maria is one of the Islands that represents an important host for festivities especially in August. The Tide Festival is a great opportunity for you to have an amazing musical experience filled with different kinds of genre that are all related to the Portuguese style. So feel free to pack your bags as soon as possible and benefit from everything that this archipelago has to offer you.

There is a lot to see…

The Azores islands of Portugal are one of the most beautiful archipelago of 9 islands. These nine volcanic islands are situated in the North Atlantic Ocean.

1. Flores
2. Corvo
3. Faial
4. Pico
5. Graciosa
6. Terceira
7. Santa maria
8. Sao jorge
9. Sao miguel

Getting there
To get in Azores islands you have only choice by plane.
Ponta Delgada Airport (PDL) is main airport in the Archipelago