Disney Princess Cake and Cupcake Ideas

A Disney Cake For A Very Special Princess

A Disney Princess themed birthday party is every little girl’s dream. Our little princess always wants to feel like royalty during her very special day. It would be our best gift to her if we will make her wish come true. A beautiful gown with a tiara on her hair, a magical wand from her fairy godmother and a celebration that is full of laughter where she is surrounded by all the very special people in her life, these would make her natal day a very memorable one.

In order to complete that magical birthday for our little princess, we would need a very beautiful and colorful Disney Princess birthday cake. You can always order from your nearest cake specialty bakeshop or for those moms who would want to make a more personalized cake, there are many suggestions below on how to make that magical cake a reality. Scroll down and enjoy the list that we have below. There is also a how-to video on how to make a disney cake that is provided for you to make your cake-making easier and faster.

Princess Cake Toppers

Princess Belle
Whenever I hear the song, ‘Beauty and the Beast’, I can’t avoid reminiscing my wonderful childhood years. I am so thankful to my parents for introducing me to the wonderful world of Disney. It gives us hope that it is possible to realize our dreams however big they are. It helps us dream and strive hard to make these dreams come true. Just like Princess Belle who used to be a servant of the beast prince but because of her kind heart and determination, she was able to turn even the worst beast into a kind-hearted one. She then became a true princess and changed the cursed world of the prince into a happy and a magical one. Our kids would find her story a very inspiring one. The beautiful Princess Belle topper below is a great addition to your princess topper collection.

Princess Aurora
My niece really loves Princess Aurora of the ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Everytime her birthday and Christmas comes, she would always ask me to buy her any Princess Aurora inspired item. Is your little angel one of her fans? The beautiful cake topper below will truly be a great surprise for her.

My most favorite fairy tale story is Cinderella. The very first Cinderella movie that I saw was ‘The Slipper and the Rose’. That movie introduced me to Cinderella and her magical world. I’m sure your child loves her too. Every little princess in our homes wish to be like her … maybe not her years of suffering but her wonderful days at the castle and the story on how she found her handsome prince. Creating a Disney Princess cake, with her as one of the princesses on the topper, would surely be a delight to your little girl.

Magical Cinderella Carriage Balloon
Add magic to your child’s Disney themed princess party by making this Cinderella carriage-shaped jumbo balloon float in your party venue. I’m sure your child’s guests would love it so much and it would surely set the mood of the party. This magical blue pumpkin carriage would arrive uninflated so you would still need to have it inflated. It measures approximately 33 inches.

You can have it blown up in your nearest grocery store with a minimal fee. Just make sure to use a heavy and strong tie on it while you’re bringing it home as it may float in the air. After the party, you can even leave it floating inside your home for days. Your child would surely love to see it every time she wakes up in the morning. You would surely get your money’s worth.

Cinderella Magic Decoset
We all love Cinderella and her magical world. The story about how good her fairy godmother to her makes all of us wish we also have one who would grant our wishes in just a stroke of her magical wand. Bring back the magic of Cinderella’s world with this Cinderella magic decoset. This set makes Disney Princess cake decorating so easy and more fun to do. This set comes with a Cinderella figurine together with her midnight coach. Your cake decorating experience would never be this exciting and so fast. You can either choose this colorful and eye-catching set or the one below with her fairy godmother.

Cinderella & Godmother Cake Topper Kit
If Cinderella is so popular for both young and old, her fairy godmother is equally popular. Who would forget that night when she gave our favorite Cinderella that glass slipper and made her dreams come true? How we wish we also have a fairy godmother in our lives? This magical ‘Cinderella and her fairy godmother’ cake topper in the garden would give us hope that dreams do really come true.

Disney Princess Door Banner

How would you love your guests to see this very beautiful and colorful banner of our favorite disney princesses? I’m sure they would be delighted and so happy to see their favorite princess on it. Placing it right next to the door or to the buffet table or the program stage would make the Disney Princess inspired party even more realistic and an enjoyable one. Your child and his/her guests would be so excited and the memories built during this special day would linger in your child’s heart and mind forever.

Cupcake Stand and Kit
Cupcakes are very popular nowadays. They are easier, more economical and even cheaper to make. Kids would surely love it if you would prepare some cupcakes for them. Adding a colorful topping or even a Disney Princess topping would even add to its Disney magic. Add some drama to your preparation also with the help of colorful and attractive stands.

Balloons and More
Kids love balloons. Princess balloons would surely make the party even more fun. Kids would love to see them around hanging and ready to be pulled down. Each of your guests would love to bring with them one or two of these balloons which they would want to hang in their room. They would love waking up in the morning with their favorite princess balloon next to them.

Princess Candles
A birthday cake would never be complete without a candle. The candle symbolizes life and it makes the celebration even more meaningful when the birthday celebrant would be able to blow her candle and make a very memorable wish for her and for those she holds dear. Select from the different candle designs below for your special cake.

A birthday is a celebration of life. Life is too short and unpredictable. Our kids will never be a child forever. Time flies so fast. How they would become in the future would greatly depend on how wonderful their childhood years were. The memories that are built during these years will stay in their minds and hearts forever. Memories that they would always remember and would make them stronger in their journey through life. It is just right that we make the best of their childhood years and to build wonderful memories together.