Disney Princess Toddler Dolls

Disney Princess Toddler dolls are a great addition to any growing collection of this fabulous toy line. If you are looking to get the child that has everything with these characters on it something new, this could be the answer for you.

These super soft Disney Princess dolls are great to have and to hold. Being the size that they are, they are too big or too small to be carried around on all the adventures that your little girl will have.

Many of the toys from this collection are made out of hard plastic. This makes them a bit difficult to lie down and cuddle with when it is bed time. This is not a problem with these must have toys.

Belle Disney Princess Toddler Doll

The movie Beauty and the Beast has long captured the hearts of your and old alike. This great toy takes the image of the best scene in the whole movie and makes it the right size to carry. Belle has her beautiful brown hair done for the ball. She is wearing the gold gown that she wears when she first dances with the Beast.

Cinderella Disney Princess

Cinderella will be the belle of the ball in her beautiful blue ball gown. She might only be a toddler, but her beautiful blonde hair is done just right to got with the gown that she wears for her magical evening. Your daughter will be able to go to the ball with her soft companion in hand when she is dressed so beautifully.

Other Disney Princess Dolls Available

You will find when shopping that this collection is also available in Snow White and Aurora. There are also some great accessories that can be purchased to help your little girl care for her Disney Princess Toddler dolls. One of the most fun being the canopy crib/ bed.

If you are looking to get your little girl a toy that is ready to go on adventures and become her best friend, you need to get one of the Disney Princess Toddler dolls. They are great play and bed time with their soft bodies. You can even get some great deals on them and their accessories when you shop online.