News Disney's 'The Fox and the Hound 2' Part of...

Disney's 'The Fox and the Hound 2' Part of 30th Anniversary Edition of 'The Fox and the Hound'


The Fox and the Hound 2 Coming on Blu-Ray & DVD

‘The Fox and the Hound 2’ was released in December of 2006 as a side story to the original 1981 ‘The Fox and the Hound’ tale. The action takes place while best friends Tod and Copper are still pups and features many of the original characters from the 1st ‘The Fox and the Hound.’

Disney's 'The Fox and the Hound 2' Part of 30th Anniversary Edition of 'The Fox and the Hound'

The Singin’ Strays

Tod, the fox kit, and Copper, the hound puppy, are excited because the fair is coming to town. However, after seeing Chief’s 4th place ribbon, Copper feels anxious because he has no talent. However while watching ‘The Singin’ Strays’ perform at the fair, Copper starts to sing along and soon finds himself part of the band. However, the lead singer, Dixie (Reba McEntire) is not happy with the turn of events, and Tod finds himself alone and missing his friend as ‘The Singin’ Strays’ pursue a talent scout from The Grand Ole Opry. Will Copper’s new career break up the band as well as his friendship with Tod?

Featuring the vocal talents of Patrick Swayze (Ghost, Dirty Dancing), Reba McEntire (TV’s “Reba”), Lucas Grabeel (Disney Channel’s “High School Musical” franchise) and Trisha Yearwood (country music singer), ‘The Fox and the Hound 2’ forsakes traditional Disney music in favor of twangier fare. While ‘The Fox and the Hound 2’ lacks some of the charm and much of the story line of its predecessor, it is still a cute children’s movie and should appeal to country music fans

The Fox and the Hound’ on Blu-ray & DVD Combo Pack

‘The Fox and the Hound Part II’ DVD releases on August 9, 2011, along with ‘The Fox and the Hound’ on Blu-ray & DVD Combo Pack from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. 69 minutes long, ‘The Fox and the Hound 2’ is rated G.

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Disney's 'The Fox and the Hound 2' Part of 30th Anniversary Edition of 'The Fox and the Hound'
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