News Distance Learning: The Pros and Cons

Distance Learning: The Pros and Cons


Distance Learning: The Pros and Cons

What is Distance Learning?

Distance learning is a type of education which does not require the actual present of the enrollee or student. This can be done through a variety of ways which include online courses or even home education wherein the teachers will be the one who would actually go to their students at the comfort of their own homes and this would usually involve a one on one education or lesson.

The Status of Learning

Distance learning has an increasing popularity nowadays and has been used by those people who find it really convenient without really sacrificing the quality of the education. This type of education usually benefits a lot of people most especially those who are busy with their work and are still not yet finished with their schooling or are already finished and would want to pursue more of their education. For example, artists who have very busy schedules cannot afford to go personally to school anymore. Thus, in the comfort of their own time available, they enter into distance learning wherein they don’t have to be in school just to finish their education. They can just read their lessons online or an instructor would just have to visit their place to check on their lessons and let them answer a few exercises.

Distance Learning: The Pros and Cons

The Tools Used

Distance learning uses modules as the primary means to provide their lectures. These modules can be found online or they can even be compiled into module handbooks which can be given to the students so they can read it at the comfort of their own time and place. This just goes to show that the primary advantage of distance learning is the convenience that it offers.

A Hindrance to Socialization

Distance learning on the other hand, hinders the ability of a person to learn in an environment that is most conducive for learning which school is. It is said that school is the best place for a person to learn and in distance learning it is not achieved or made possible. Also, distance learning does not facilitate the socialization process that can be very helpful for every student. With distance learning, the student is left to study with modules online or one on one with an instructor. This retards the student’s ability to socialize and enhance his or her communication skills with different kinds of people so they can be able to develop the ways how they can relate to people.

Comparing the Costs

Distance learning can also be more expensive as compared to the usual school learning because it involves a one on one focus for every student and the instructor would be the one to adjust depending upon the time available of the student.

These are just some of the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning. Of course, learning is an individual process and whether distance learning would benefit one or not depends on the readiness of the person to learn. Distance learning can be effective to some and not to others. It all depends on a person’s ability to accept and be ready for the learning process. This can greatly contribute to a learning method’s effectiveness.

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Distance Learning: The Pros and Cons
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