Diversification – The Key to Making Money Online

If you are an individual online entrepreneur, looking to make money on the Internet by yourself, sure there are numerous avenues to do so, but the AMOUNT of money that you really make would largely be determined by the extent to which you are able to diversify what I refer to as your “web spread”.

By and large, my observation has been that the more diverse you are with regard to your web presence, the more likely you are to receive greater traffic, which in turn will play the biggest role by far with regard to the money that you make.

And this diversification largely works in two ways in my opinion:

1. Broad interests wherein you have websites and blogs that cover a variety of niches.

2. Focused, niche websites and blogs which spread themselves nicely over the Internet, using not just the websites or blogs themselves as platforms for content distribution, but social networks in particular that help spread the word with regard to your focused content, in a really good way.

In my opinion, either of these approaches can work.

In fact, if you have immense passion in one particular niche only, by all means go ahead and create great content in that particular niche, without paying heed to the prospect of developing content in other niches. But if you are like me – and hold a variety of interests in life (after all, we all have just one shot at life, to accomplish all that we wish to within it), then spread yourself well, by developing content along all these multiple lines, without being too focused on that one particular niche only.

The reason I feel this diversification matters is because people out there – consumers of your content, all hold varied interests of their own. That which you have passion for, may not be something that they have passion for. And if you go on developing content in a niche which few others out there really have any interest in, no matter how much focused traffic you get, the sum total of traffic you get would quite likely be minimal.

That may not be something which will work to your interest. Instead, a diverse array of content along myriad lines is what may work best in your interest.

If you ask me, I work as a freelance writer and content creator on Elance with more than $37,000 in lifetime earnings at the time of writing this piece, so freelance writing and content creation sure works for me very well, as a passion. That drove to me to create a freelancing specific YouTube channel of my own, which in turn also motivated me to create my own freelancing blog, where I put up posts on topics which excite me as a freelancer – ones which I feel would also be useful to other freelancers.

But that does not mean that freelancing is my ONLY interest or passion in life! For instance, I absolutely, totally, completely, fully dig hot wheels, which in turn motivated me to create my own YouTube channel on the Auto Expo in my city, which has nearly a million combined views (and growing) and got me substantial advertising revenue in the process.

Likewise, I absolutely adore the fabulous country of Thailand, which in turn motivated me to create a Thailand specific YouTube channel of my own, aptly referred to as VikramLovesThailand, after all that is a country I truly love!

Mind you, these are all monetized channels of my own and have brought me decent advertising revenues in the process. Yes, I may not be in the league of smosh, RayWilliamJohnson, or nigahiga, the first, second and third most subscribed YouTube channels in the world (as of writing this article in February 2013), but I really couldn’t care less, if you ask me honestly. After all, I do not spend too much time, effort or money in making my videos and stick to simplistic videos which either simply share my views on a particular topic, akin to writing an article such as this one, or I film an event or place, mostly as is, with minimal to no editing.

No doubt, this may not be an approach which I will follow for good, but for now I am happy to work this way as well.

Eventually, the point that I made with regard to diversification of content on the Internet, especially as an independent content creator, remains sacrosanct. Remember that the more diverse you are, the more interests and niches you will be able to cater to…not everyone digs the slapstick kind of comedy which one can see on the three most subscribed YouTube channels I mentioned above, me included.

Finally, this same aspect holds true for the content that you create here on Seekyt as well. After all, while nearly all of us here are bound together by the unified guiding light of making money online with the help of intuitive articles that we submit on this unique platform, clearly not all of us share the same passions or interests on which we create unique content. Therefore, the need of the hour would clearly be to create compelling content across numerous and varied niches.