Divorce Procedures and Its Types

When you have finalized your decision to get divorced, you need to get all the information related to the legal divorce process. It is important to understand the legal aspects that are related to divorce, the cost you need to bear, and the documents that you would need to submit.

Divorce Procedures

The divorce process starts with the filing of divorce. Before you file the papers, you need to find out the residency requirements of the state, where you are going to file your papers. It is important that you get assistance from a legal advisor, if you have issues related to residency requirement.
After the papers are filed, a notice is sent to the other spouse and he or she is supposed to reply to the message within the time stipulated by the court. This time may vary as per state.
Most states have a defined waiting period after the filing of complaint and the spouses filing for divorce need to abide by it. During this period the couple cannot get married or sell their marital property. They are still considered as married.
If all the issues related to property division, child custody, alimony, child support, visitation rights etc are sorted out then the court will process the divorce and declared the final decree. In cases, where the couple have disputes related to any legal aspects related to divorce, then it is first sorted out before the declaration of final decree. In such cases, the procedure for divorce may take longer time to get completed.

Types of Divorce Procedures

1) Divorce through the divorce court: The couple getting divorced may have disputes related to legal issues such as child custody, child support, alimony, debt division, property distribution etc. and you can read more about it at www.edivorcepapers.com. In such case, the couple has to face trials in the court and need to abide by the decision of the court. They need to bear cost of filing, attending court, and hiring the lawyer.

2) Collaborative divorce: During this divorce, the couple needs to hire two divorce lawyers, financial specialist, two collaborative coaches, and a child specialist (if the couple has child or children). This divorce would cost more as one needs to pay fees to all the people they hire to process the divorce.

3) Divorce via the process of mediation: The process of mediation is opted in such divorce. The couple resolves all the legal issue related to divorce through a mediator. The mediator is a third party, who is impartial and assists the couple to make mutual agreement about all the issues related to divorce.

4) Do-it-yourself divorce: To save the cost of divorce, you can process your divorce without a lawyer. You need to follow all the court guidelines and submit all the legal papers on time.

The divorce procedures and its types must be known to the divorcing partners, who have decided to end their marriage. By knowing these details one can save time and money spent during the lengthy process.