DIY Crafts: How to Make Valentine Cards

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Many individuals are feeling the crunch from the economy today; many of them are doing the only thing they know how to do when it comes to holiday gifts and holiday cards. Many crafty and creative people are making their own valentine cards this year for Valentine’s Day, although the task has always been popular, since making your own gifts and cards adds a precious element to the mix, you, your time, your feelings and your creativity.

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Some people enjoy card making regardless of the occasion, some even take it on as a preferable hobby and then go on to make a home business of their endeavors. One thing is for sure, the more you practice making your own holiday cards, including Valentine cards, the better you will become at making them.

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Supplies you will need to Make Handmade Valentine Greeting Cards

You may search the house and find many of the items that you can use to make your own greeting cards. Here is a list of items you may have laying around your home that you can use while learning how to make valentine cards this year.

– Scissors

You will need to use a good pair of quality made scissors, you want a size of scissor that you can comfortably use while making your handmade greeting cards. You can use straight edge scissors if you like and you may want to consider the use of various types of scissors that are especially made for scrapbooking projects. These types of scissors provide you with a wide assortment of frills and scallops for paper crafting, which comes in handy while making romantic valentine cards.

– Ruler

Most homes have a ruler, especially when there are children in the home. Using a 12-inch ruler is sufficient for any measurements, while making greeting cards.

DIY Crafts: How to Make Valentine Cards, SeekytCricut Mini? Personal Cutting Machine with Bundle


– Paper Cutter

Having and using a paper cutter for the straight edge trimming is ideal, some paper cutters also include a built in ruler to help you take good measurements for your card making projects. Some people may also consider the use of a wheel cutter for cutting paper purposes.

– Hole Punch

Using a hole punch can help you make your own decorative confetti to glue to your cards and envelopes and you can always include confetti inside the card and envelop for a surprise of confetti, just for fun and romance. You can use the paper you punch out for adding texture and patterns to your valentine cards as well as using them to punch holes where you want to attach any ribbon to the card you are making for your sweetheart.

– Glue Sticks

If you have children, you may already have access to glue sticks since they are popular for use with schoolteachers. However, if not you can find them reasonably priced at the local dollar store and other retailers. Actually, one of the best times to shop for you card making supplies such as glue sticks, colorful pens and pencils and others is during the back-to-school specials at the local retailers. Consider shopping at that time in order to stock up on card making supplies to save money. Glue sticks work great for paper projects; however, if you are working with material you may want to do a bit of research to learn the best type of glue you should use while working with any specific type of material while making greeting cards.

– Odds & Ends of Remnants

Odds and ends or bits and bobs of remnants make some of the most perfect embellishments when you are making your own valentine cards as gifts this year. For instance, you might consider the use of ribbon, lace, and various other romantic types of materials. You can use all sorts of scrapbooking materials and techniques for making your own cards. You can use leftover gift-wrapping paper, stickers as well as old greeting cards to embellish your card making. Stay open to using any type of remnant for embellishment and allow your creativity to guide you.

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– Cardstock and Paper

You will find a nice array of paper products you can use that feature different colors, patterns, textures and designs. If you enjoy scrapbooking, you may already have the paper you will use. Having card stock available to you for use can produce some awesome quality greeting cards, regardless of the season or holiday. However, while shopping for cardstock paper you want to choose a good quality product. Consider making your own envelop or purchasing the right size and color of envelope that will compliment your valentine card. You might choose a colorful cardstock or cardstock of neutral colors for making your own greeting cards. You may even want to do some research on how to make your own homemade paper to show off your sense of creativity.

– Ink and Rubber Stamps

While learning how to make valentine cards, you should consider the beautiful results you can achieve while using ink and rubber stamps. They come in different sizes and in different patterns of design, various pictures and sayings are available to you. Valentine teddy bear stamps as well as hearts and flowers are very popular. On the other hand, you can always design your own stamps by using potato stamps. If you search for how to make potato stamps, you can show off your creativity and save money at the same time.

– Card Making Software

Today, you can find card making software that will help save you time, while making your own valentine cards. They provide some interesting ideas you can use. They also help to get your own imagination going when you are making greeting cards for someone special in your life.

DIY Crafts: How to Make Valentine Cards, Seekyt

– Shopping for Card Making Supplies

When you are on a tight budget and you want to find interesting items for card making you should consider shopping at the local thrift store or charity store. Often they will have an assortment of items you can use for card making as well as sometimes you can find discount items for valentine gifts.

You might even want to learn how to write love letters just so you can include an even more special sentiment to your homemade valentine card. You also might like to include some valentine candy along with your homemade valentine card.

You can learn how to make valentine cards to give to others to let them know how you feel about them, once you have all your supplies together. While you are making your own cards, simply enjoy the artwork you are creating and then give your handmade card to your valentine!

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DIY Crafts: How to Make Valentine Cards, Seekyt
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