DIY Deck Stain Removal

3 Main Tips for DIY Deck Stain Removal

Maintaining the bright attractive look of your deck is not always an easy task. You will be required to conduct a DIY deck stain removal exercise time and time again and this can be quite a tiresome job. Well you can certainly hire professionals to get the cleaning done for you quickly and easily but you must remember that this will cost you quite some bucks that you would have otherwise saved or used to cover another expense if you would have done it yourself. But if you’re like most homeowners who don’t know how to get the job done flawlessly, consider this a quick briefing session that will give you the necessary how to information that you need.

Preparation for the Cleaning Process

Depending on how long you have stayed since the last time you cleaned your deck there is a high possibility that it will contain a lot of debris that you will have to remove. This should be your first step and with the aid of a pressure washer you should be able to get rid of any kind of dirt on sight. Another important part of the preparation for the cleaning will be deciding whether you are going to use an oil based stripper or water based one. Generally the type of stripper that one opts for should be determined after considering the kind of stain that you want to remove and the materials that your deck has been made with. Some strippers may not work well with particular deck materials or at times might not effectively remove given stains.

The stain removal procedure

Once the deck is free of dirt, use a hard bristle brush to scab off the old finishing on the deck. This is the time when application of the stripper should be done. You will want to be thorough here to ensure that all the old stains are removed after that you will be required to wash off the stripper thoroughly with water. Bear in mind that if the stripper is not properly washed off from the deck it may damage the deck’s material which is actually why washing off the stripper is equally an integral part of the DIY deck stain removal process.

Thereafter one has to allow the deck a considerable period of time for it to completely dry before the next stain can be applied. A simple brush can be used to apply a new stain but do make sure that the stain is properly spread on the deck for a whole new unique and exquisite look.

Precautions to take

During the DIY deck stain removal one has to wear gloves, long trousers, boots and a painting coat that fully covers your whole body from any contact with the stripper being used for stain removal. Strippers are normally chemical substances therefore if they get into contact with your skin it can be detrimental. Fumes from the stripper can at times get to and harm your eyes. You will as a result need to put on protective glasses during the whole process.

All in all doing the DIY deck stain removal can be time consuming and very involving as well but the satisfaction it leaves you is often worth the trouble. Also once you have known how to remove the stains yourself you can always carry out another strain removal exercise in future without worrying about paying for professional services for doing the job for you.