When you have a heat pump in the home, you know that you will be comfortable year round. A heat pump can provide cool air in the summer months and warm heat during the cold winter. It is essential that you learn how your heat pump operates and be able to take care of minor issues when needed. Of course, you should contact professional assistance when in need of repair, but simple maintenance issues can easily be taken care of by you, the homeowner. There are many ways you can do your own DIY maintenance for a heat pump. Below are a few tips to get you started.

The filter system of a heat pump is an integral part of the unit. The filter must be checked on a regular basis and then changed out with a fresh filter when needed. A dirty filter will clog the unit and not allow the air to move through to provide the heat pump with proper operation. Particles such as dust, pet hair, and dirt can move to the unit and cause harm to several components. Changing out the filter is simple and has a low cost but the potential harm to your system can end up having a high repair cost that can be devastating to your pocketbook.

Air Components
The main components involved with the air flow of a heat pump are the grills, registers, and ductwork. These areas must be cleaned regular to ensure smooth operation. Clean the grill of your system each time you replace the filter. Floor registers should be cleaned on a regular basis and the duct work of the register can be cleaned as well with a small vacuum wand.

Indoor Portion of Your Heat Pump System
With a heat pump system, condensation is produced and collected in the drain pan which is located at the base of the system located in the indoor portion of your unit. This drainage is then moved out of the home through a condensate pump and tubing. In these lines, build up can occur and this can cause dirt and mildew to grow. It is important for you to clean this area. Take a small amount of bleach and pour into the drain trap and use the same amount on the condensate pump as well to help kill mildew and mold growth.

Outdoor Portion of Your Heat Pump
Your heat pump also has an outdoor portion which is used to pull the fresh outdoor air into the home. The condensing coil is located in this area and can become dirty from grass, dirt, pet hair and other contaminants. You can protect this area of your system by creating a barrier. This can be done with latticework or other wood types to provide a barrier from the elements and your yard. Shrubbery, bushes, and trees should not be located near the unit as leaves can easily get inside the outdoor portion and cause harm to the components.

When the coil becomes dirty and is in need of cleaning, you can do it yourself. Turn the unit of and spray the ODU with light water. Use your hand to remove large groupings of leaves and debris with work gloves. Do not bend or grasp the fins of the unit as they are sharp and can bend easily.

Thermostat of Your Heat Pump
To help maintain the integrity of your system, you can use a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat can help you set the temperature while you are away. This can allow you to use less energy when you are not at home and the system will shut down. Because the system is not on, you will be able to maintain the overall integrity of the unit. The simple act of installing a programmable thermostat and setting the unit to shut off or lower the temperature can give your system a much-needed break in operation.

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