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DIY Home Security Systems Now Available for Everyone

It was only three years ago that alarm systems were only available to those who owned the property – whether commercial or residential. If you were a tenant or a college student in a dormitory apartment, your life and property’s safety were entirely in the hands of your landlord. Even if you offered to pay for the installation, your landlord would have to agree and he may be in another country. For people from other nations with limited English skills, even reporting a crime can be a nightmare. Imagine trying to convince your homeowner that you really need an intruder alert system. For those with parents in care facilities or who have home care providers at their home, you would never know if your mother was being abused or the bruises were just a normal result of aging. For the disabled, having the option of an alarm system that could call his/her family member when they fell or a burglar broke into their home could save them from being severely injured.
Small businesses that are leasing the property run into the same issues with the exception of fire alarms that are mandatory in some areas. The difficulty of protecting your inventory from midnight raids and with no one to alert you unless an officer passed by, operating without a burglar alarm system is like throwing darts at your spouse – dangerous. With the advent of the wireless cameras, sensors and on-board recorder cards, no matter what your situation, you can purchase a DIY home security systems with the features and components you want.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and in the case of DIY security systems with wireless IP or HD-SDI cameras as an integral part of the package, they are worth far more than that. These packages range in price from $2000 to about $7000 if you purchase a kit. It takes longer to decide on the best places to put the cameras than it does to install the system. Install takes less than five minutes to have it in full operation.
On top of that, you can operate the cameras from your home, car or while you are enjoying one of the many festivals and events around Australia. You can check on your employees, talk to customers who need your attention and authorise returns without having to trek into your business. You can speak to your aging or sick family member, check on home care workers or peek in on the staff of the care facilities that you trust with your parents’ safety. You can unlock the door for your housekeeper, give him/her information about packages that you are expecting, answer the door when nobody is at home and find out who is on your property and why. If an intruder enters, you can send a snapshot of the invader to the police without having to hand-carry it. For those who cannot afford a security service company, the DIY alarm systems provide the perfect answer.

Jumbu is a top supplier of security systems, home security cameras, security software and home defence hardware. Jumbu offers home security systems from all the top manufacturers, as well as offering the ability to customize a bespoke system for your needs. Jumbu should be the first port of call when you are looking to purchase the latest security equipment to make your home safe.

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