DIY: How to Create a Chalkboard Wall

If you’re looking for new creative idea to spruce up your walls, why not try turning them into chalkboards. Chalkboards walls are a great idea for a kid’s room to inspire creativity, or even cafes for menu ideas. You can even use chalkboard walls for home offices or study spaces for a range of things, including; daily planning, inspirational quotes and a to-do list.

Now days you can easily purchase chalkboard paint at any hardware store, plus they come in a huge range of colours. You can go for the traditional dark colours or you can try designer colours such as bright orange, deep purple, chocolate brown and deep dark blues. Excited about changing your walls? Then follow these simple steps to achieve the perfect chalkboard wall finish.

How to Turn Your Walls into a Chalkboard

Make sure you start will a clean smooth surface, free of any paint. Use sandpaper to smooth the surface of your wall.

Before you start painting, lightly moisten your roller or paint brush. Start off by carefully cutting-in to the walls using a brush.

To paint the rest of the surface area, use a synthetic roller. After the first coat of the chalkboard paint allow two hours for it to dry.

After two hours apply another layer of the chalkboard paint.

Do not touch the paint for 48 hours, it is important to let it completely dry.

Once dried, gently rub chalk all over the whole surface of the chalk board, and then dust it off. This will condition your chalkboard.

Your chalkboard wall is now ready to use!

chalkboard walls

Where to buy Chalkboard Paint

You can find chalkboard paint anywhere that sells interior paint. Major hardware stores should have then in stock. You can also buy chalkboard paint online, a recommend paint to use is Rust-Oleum 206540 Chalkboard Brush-On