DIY Security Systems for Houses

House security systems can get very expensive. Between the wiring and the codes and the buttons involved it can also get mind boggling. For most of us, security basically means locking our doors and hoping for the best.

But there are ways to secure your castle without having to lay out huge dollars. After talking to a policeman friend of ours, he told us that most of the thieves he deals with are opportunists, meaning the easiest route is what they look for.
Let’s face it, if you are trying to keep priceless pieces of art and jewelry under wraps then you will attract the sophisticated thief, but for your day to day living, try a few of these tips to keep your valuables and your home safe and cut your home invasion risk.

Garage Door Openers – A friend a few streets over, had spent the money on getting a home security system installed as he had nice computer and camera equipment and a few other valuables that he wanted to keep safe. He felt it gave him that “extra level” of insurance when it came to break-ins.

But the one part of the equation that he had not considered was the garage door opener he had in his van. Just a simple little button on the visor.

The biggest mistake he made, was to leave the van unlocked. Thieves came along in broad daylight while he was out, and opened the van door and rifled through things and found the pile of loose change he kept for coffee and a few CDs then they hit pay dirt when they saw the opener attached to the visor.

They pressed it, and voila, the big door opened and welcomed them inside. Since he used this as his main point of entry, then it was not armed with the alarm system as he used this opener all the time. There was not even a password or code involved.

Once in the garage, they were able to quickly get into the main part of the house through the inner door and got his camera equipment and anything else they could carry on foot. Then they exited through the back door and then the alarm was tripped. But by then they were long gone.

So, make sure you lock your vehicles. There has been a big rash of break-ins, especially small change but as you can see by the above example it can be much worse than a few quarters going missing.

Clear Glass on Main Front Door – If your main front door has glass windows on either side, also known as “side lights” or a big window in the center of the door and you can’t afford to replace this door just yet, then get some faux stained glass film and cover them.

Thieves will usually have a good look through the glass to see if there is anything worth taking, and then simply break it. If they cannot see the layout of your front foyer because the glass has etching or faux film on it, they may not bother as they can’t see in.

Get Friendly with the Neighbourhood – You don’t have to be best friends, but maybe after cutting the lawn, or walking the dog, try to bump into them and have a chit chat about who lives in your house, and maybe if you are going away you could watch out for each other’s houses.

When our friend got his garage door opened by thieves, a neighbour across the road had seen people opening the van door and then garage and didn’t think anything of it, because they seemed so relaxed, like they lived there. If he had known that they only had little kids living there, he may have become more suspicious.

Thieves will try to blend and are counting on most neighbours not really knowing the habits of the neighbours.

Sliding Door Sticks – You can get special poles that install on the track of your sliding door so that the door cannot be slid open to gain entry. Try and not use your patio door as a main entrance, instead lock it and put this pole into place and leave through a proper main door. If you don’t want to spend the money on the special poles, you can cut a broom stick to length and lay it in the track before you head out.

Don’t Advertise on Social Media that you are Heading out on Vacation – You just never know who is monitoring this! Let your neighbour know, and a really close friend or relative that can also come and check on the place and bring in your mail or cut the lawn or shovel the driveway.

Just following these simple tips will make it awkward for “opportunist thieves” to make their way in to your home and castle. House security systems are that extra level but many times, so are the above tips and they cost very little.