Do Bodybuilders use Creatine to Build Muscle

Do bodybuilders use creatine is like asking do dogs bark or cat’s meow? Well um yes as a matter of fact they do. Well of course I shouldn’t speak for all bodybuilders because possibly there are some that go without creatine as a supplement. The bodybuilders that do not use creatine are probably the ones that are currently on a cycle of steroids though. If you are currently natural bodybuilding creatine is the way to go along with your whey supplements for added protein. 

In other words creatine is the best muscle gain supplement you can take to build muscle other than a whey protein. I will say it again; creatine is one of the best supplements for muscle growth. Don’t just take my word ask everyone you know that lifts weights to build muscle and I would be surprised if any of them are not taking the supplement. If they are not taking it either they just can’t afford it or maybe they are one of the few that don’t know about this amazing supplement yet. I don’t like to recommend supplements because most are a waste of time to take especially if you follow a high nutrient healthy diet already but taking creating and protein powder is a no brainer.

To decide whether you should be taking creatine or not you need to understand what it is and how it affects your body and muscles. Also if there are any side effects you should be concerned with. I’ll start off with side effects which there are none to speak of. When creatine first came on the market it was mixed with other ingredients to help deliver the supplement into your system more efficiently but that didn’t last long because of the high sugar content and that some people were experiencing stomach cramps when taking creatine. 

Creatine is now sold mostly in its powder stated by itself. You can purchase creatine mixed with other nutrients and supplements but those items are extremely high priced and in my opinion a waste of your money. They only thing that should be in the package you are buying when purchasing creatine is creatine.

Creatine is made up of a few important amino acids which are arginine, glycine and lastly methionine. The funny thing about the make up of creatine is that if you were to ask 100 people what is creatine made of 99 wouldn’t have a clue. People assume since creatine gets such incredible results that it must be something new and special. Well creatine is special but creatine is simply just a few different amino acids mixed together. Another fun fact is that creatine is produced in your body in small levels and can also be found in protein sources like red meat and fish. The only problem is that it is found in such small doses that you would have to eat a ton of meat to get the amount you could take in a simple caplet. So now that you know what and where creatine comes from let’s look at how it works in your body.

When creatine enters your body it binds with a phosphate molecule forming creatine phosphate. Creatine Phosphate is hydrolyzed by ATP for energy. If that sounds like a different language to you then what you need to get out of what I just said is that Creatine is used for energy in the body to drive your bodily process every minute of the day every day. So you can see how an increase of creatine in your system is a good thing. In a roundabout way creatine increases ATP stores in your body which allows you to train harder than you ever have and even longer which means bigger stronger muscles.

another important bonus to know about taking creatine supplements is that creatine has a hydrating effect on muscle cells which means creatine increases the amount of fluid in your muscles that not only makes your muscles fuller and harder there will be an increase of protein synthesis in your muscles cells which equals muscles healing and growing bigger and thicker.

A couple of questions people have with creatine supplementation are can they take it continually and when is the best time to take creatine. Since there are no reported side effects associated with creatine supplementation then it is fairly safe to say you can take the product daily with no breaks. On the other hand the human body adapts quite easily and makes adjustments to accommodate the supplements which some believe means the effects of the supplements wear off over time. If you are from that school then there is nothing wrong with taking a break from creatine every few months or so for a couple of weeks. I take it day in day out.

The best time to take creatine is within an hour of your workout just like it is important to supplement with a good whey protein directly after your workout. A mix of whey protein, Gatorade and a dosage of creatine will replenish muscle and glycogen stores and help your recovery time speed up and your muscles build bigger and stronger.

So to recap the best supplements for muscle growth are whey protein and creatine. Bodybuilding and creatine go hand in hand when you are talking natural bodybuilding when you ask the question do bodybuilders use creatine. There are literally thousands of different muscle building supplements you can purchase but you only have to be concerned with two and creatine is one of them.

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