Do Esther Hicks' Mistakes Prove She is Fake?

Esther Hicks Mistakes: Proof She Is A Fake? Is It A Scam?

David Stone, Writer

A quick introduction for anyone not familiar with Abraham-Hicks and what many now call a scam: Abraham, as claimed by Esther Hicks, is a group of ‘nonphysical teachers’ who communicate ‘blocks of thought’ which she translates and detractors insist is a fake. For twenty years, while falsely claiming to have created the now famous Law of Attraction label, her engaging personality on stage and a series of feel good books have earned her a wide following.

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Her popularity finally reached a level where it inspired the wildly popular movie, The Secret, and the book that followed. By 2011, Esther Hicks and her Abraham persona have involved a whole new animal, however, increasing accusations of a fraud or a scam.

But Abraham LIVE, announced today, may be their biggest blunder yet. More on that below.

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Esther Hicks was initially a core part of The Secret but later withdrew due to a dispute. The result was a truncated version that left out key elements of the teaching. Not an issue in this, but I mention it to put Abraham into context.

The teachings, as they are known to followers, contain extensive and subtle detail. Interacting with individuals on the ‘hot seat’ at seminars, Abraham–through Esther–deals with specific issues intimately, often perceptively. The consistency of the teachings was reliable until the fame (and challenges) of the documentary brought new scrutiny, fame and changes.

Which brings me to an understanding I think unavoidable, and it is that Abraham, if there is any such entity and not expert faking, doesn’t really understand what being physical actually is about. In her Abraham persona, Esther Hicks has spoken of a certain envy for those having the gift of being physical in a current incarnation. They (Esther) envy the physical sensations we feel. Nevertheless, they overstep the bounds and, inadvertently, underestimate and under-appreciate the essence of being physical.

The most painful–for me–instance of this is their seemingly callous disregard for the suffering that often accompanies death. Abraham’s take: ‘There is no death,’ just an instantaneous change back to the nonphysical, like going to sleep in one dimension and waking up in another.

Esther Hicks brags about being ‘disrespectful’ while in front of live audiences, referring to death as ‘croaking,’ playing for laughs. Only individuals oblivious to the trauma of the loss loved ones could feel comfortable with this. Is the raw insensitivity or faking?

Continuing as Abraham, she argues that no one really dies, seeming to comprehend only the subjective experience, not that of those left behind in this transition. We can even communicate with those who have crossed over, she insists blithely, if we can get into an appropriate mindset. So, what’s to worry? This misses the point entirely.

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At the time I first encountered Abraham’s almost taunting observations about ‘croaking,’ I’d recently gone through the loss of two loved ones in a short period. While it was comforting to be told that they lived on, pain and illness free, this did nothing ease the emptiness, the hole left in the world by their absence. Abraham, in Esther’s presentation, didn’t get that at all. She actually stepped it up, claiming that, after physical death, the first thing anyone feels is sheer joy. Do mother’s leaving children behind feel no pangs of separation, for example, and if not, how are those left behind supposed to appreciate being that expendable?

While teaching that our emotions are a sort of guidance system that lets us know when we are or are not on the right track, Esther’s Abraham missed the truth that some emotions are registers not pointers. I needed no directions about lost loved ones. The spaces left by their dying did not heal over, nor did I wish them to. It’s a point of honor that these two and others will not be swept away with time nor will a transition into ‘pure positive energy’ mute the love that accompanied their physical presence.

There’s more.

When Abe’s not getting it became evident, their lack of insight on other physical matters did as well, increasing questions about Esther Hicks faking the entire operation. Could these ‘spiritual teachers’ be so detached or unaware of the core elements of physical existence?

Teaching that we march to our own drummers and not be led by others with their own motives, Abraham (or Esther) misses the importance of commitment or what I’d call cultural engagement, mistakenly seeing us as isolated islands without commitments to others or our communities. This may work smoothly in a nonphysical environment but does not in a world in which we constantly encounter other physical selves, exchanging physical feeling of great variety.

In so doing, Esther Hicks and Abraham can seem callous and uncaring, even after decades of credible teaching. In my opinion, all that learning must be tempered by the fact that, while Abraham claims to see things with nonphysical clarity, the relative messiness of physical living needs more careful consideration. It may be the single most compelling factor in our lives–that we think, feel and express emotion in ways that blend physical and nonphysical natures.

Maybe Esther should ask her Abraham persona to spend some time listening better understand what the integrated outer side is like.

Maybe Esther Hicks should be on the hot seat herself… Would she be up to faking herself?

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Notes March, 2011: In what may be one of the most hilarious as well as creepy episodes in the annals of New Age spirituality, Abraham-Hicks has announced Abraham LIVE!

Okay, so Abraham, Esther Hicks asserts in that persona, is ‘deader than dead,’ a collection of nonphysical teachers who feed her ‘blocks of thought.’

The screaming capital letters of LIVE was funny enough, but the announcement was creepy as well as funny. Here is the core of it:

‘We recently had a chat with Abraham about these upcoming global broadcasts of our live seminars, which will allow people to participate in a live event without actually being in the room. So many people, from so many places around the world, have requested that we travel to their countries so that they can participate with Abraham, and this new Live Stream broadcast answers that request. It will be a great way for people who can’t be, or don’t want to be, in the seminar room to still participate in the seminar.??As Abraham used the word “participate,” Jerry asked, “Since the people won’t be in the room and won’t be raising their hands, and won’t be able to sit in the hot seat to ask their question, what does Abraham mean by participate?” Abraham smiled…’

Other than Jerry, who was the ‘we’ having ‘a chat’ with this one-hundred member contingent of ‘dead people?’

The claim is crazy enough that ‘Abraham used the word ‘participate,” since Esther has long maintained that they don’t use words, just blocks of thought that she has to interpret, a tactic which gave her an easy out when needed.

But honestly, my favorite part of the statement is: ‘Abraham smiled…’ How does that happen?

Creepy. And a scam, Abraham exposed as a fake by the excess.

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