Do Jobs Base Hiring Somone on Credit Reports and Finances?

Do jobs base hiring someone on credit reports and finances? This is a tough question to answer, since there are so many different employers and careers out there, but at least some will use their past financial and payment history to determine whether or not they should hire a candidate for a position with their company. Let’s look at some of the things that will determine whether or not they will look at this criteria before they extend you a position offer for employment. Once you get it all figured out, you may want to fill out free blank employment applications, so you can get hired.

Typically Yes

While this list will not be exhaustive, it will give you a very good idea of the jobs out there that base hiring someone on credit reports and finances, at least as a portion of the pre-employment criteria.

Bank Employment: If you are looking at getting a job with a bank, there’s a good chance they will check out your financial past. This will vary by employer, but most will not hire a person to work at their bank when they cannot handle their own financial life.

Financial Advisors: Same basic concept – why would they offer you a position telling others how to handle their financial life if you cannot handle your own.

Law Enforcement: This is a very common part of the background check the law enforcement goes through. If you are thinking of this type of career, you will be subject to this type of check. These positions, like most of the others listed, will not make decisions based solely on it. Find out how to become a 911 operator in your area, without a degree.

Management Positions: if you are wondering if jobs do base hiring someone one credit reports and finances, you should know that many managerial positions will require it.

Those Working with Money: Anyone working with large quantities of many may be subject to this type of check. This will vary by position and employer, but you can assume if you will be working with money, especially unsupervised, you will be required to meet their financial criteria.

Are you Bondable? Some positions will require you to be bondable. Those working with money in an unsupervised situation may have to be bondable to get hired.

Typically No

There are many times that a job will not base hiring someone based on credit reports and finances. While there are too many position to list each one, most do not involve the management of people, the handling of money, or that you be bondable.

While there are no guarantees that an employer will or will not base hiring someone based on credit reports and finances, there are some positions that simply require it and some that don’t.