Do Online Dating Sites Exploit Emotionally Vulnerable?

Do online dating sites exploit emotionally vulnerable people that have had bad romantic experiences that they haven’t recovered from? Do they make it easy for predators to take advantage of emotionally wounded people? Sometime when relationships go bad, one or both parties in the relationship end up with emotional scars that need time and attention to heal properly. When people get hurt emotionally it’s hard for them to trust anyone else because they don’t want to go through a similar situation and get hurt again. But online dating sites “promise” to help find and match compatible people with the numerous compatibility factors that they use to match couples. Even though they may have the best intentions, online dating sites can exploit emotionally vulnerable people.

The Emotionally Vulnerable Man

The emotionally vulnerable man has had his ego and or pride hurt when his former partner ended a serious relationship. When men commit to a serious relationship with a woman he lets his guard down and makes himself vulnerable. But once the relationship ends, this man finds it hard to trust another woman or he becomes very overbearing in relationships. Sometime this guy can’t wait to get back out there and prove himself. So he tries to find his conquest on an online dating site. Unfortunately, emotion clouds his judgment and he makes bad choices. But the fortunate man learns from bad relationships and tries not to make the same mistakes again.

The Emotionally Vulnerable Female

We’ve all heard it said that, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” And let’s not forget “All men are alike.” These infamous lines are the result of men being held responsible for relationships that ended badly. Then, online dating websites start looking like an answer to a prayer. Then a woman that’s had too many of those bad v experiences and become insecure will fall for a guy on the online dating site whether he’s the right guy or not.

Exploiting the Emotionally Vulnerable is Profitable

The online dating business has massive financial potential for website owners. There are websites that tell potential entrepreneurs how to set up an online dating website and offer free membership to potential members. There are plenty of people that are interested in online dating but they don’t want to fork over the $50.00 membership fee every time they join a site. So these sites that offer free membership are building massive member databases. Published reports say these sites have earned as much as $10,000.00/day from Adsense ads like you see on this article. So you can see how exploiting the emotionally vulnerable is profitable.

Love for Sale

But wait! There’s more! Once these start up websites build a huge membership and earnings potential, they become attractive to the larger, paid online dating services. Then they could be sold for a huge profit. Online dating sites don’t just match lovers, they also match buyers and sellers. It’s nothing personal, just business. Wait a minute. Online dating websites are the personals.