Do you have the correct office furniture?

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Are you planning to refurbish your office space? Do you want to change the wall colours, flooring, and furnishing to make your office space look attractive and impressive? What about the office furniture? Is it comfortable enough for the employees to sit and work the whole day?
Office furniture plays a crucial role in deciding the productivity and performance of the employees. Comfortable workstations improve job satisfaction and employee motivation. Studies reveal that where there is not proper ergonomics furniture, 90% of the employees displayed dissatisfaction with their workplace environment.

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Uncomfortable chairs result in waste of time due to unnecessary breaks and unproductive activities. By investing in correct office furniture, you can reduce waste of time during the day. Further, office furniture with poor design can cause employees to suffer from serious health disorders like repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome and take off from work for 3 months or even longer. Provide comfortable chairs and tables to your staff to keep them healthy and happy.

You can lower your compensation cost by investing in comfortable office furniture. Since employees would not fall sick or would not get work related injuries, you would not have to incur compensation expense. For preventing waste of time-uncomfortable chairs cause employees to waste their time in breaks and unproductive activities. Further, if there are not proper filing and cabinets, employees waste their time in shuffling papers.

To make employees healthy and happy-Uncomfortable chairs and tables result in work related injuries, such as repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel syndrome. Comfortable, ergonomic furniture and workplace results in better health of the employees and keeps them happy.

An office space that is comfortable and pleasing helps remove lethargy and inspires employees. It stimulates creativity and lets employees contribute their best towards the growth and expansion of their organisation.
Now that you know the benefits of having the correct office furniture, do not forget to buy comfortable office chairs and tables if you want your staff to be happy, healthy, productive, and efficient.

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