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Do You Have What it Takes to Become a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (VA) is a personal assistant or a self-employed administrative who works remotely for various clients. Before, when people hear the online assistant, they usually think that it’s just a secretary who works from home. But today, this job has evolved into a diversity of skill set that could be effective and beneficial to professionals.

If you find yourself stuck with phone and computer-based work that eats up your valuable time, maybe it’s time for you to consider contracting virtual assistant services. But with the growing number of “online secretaries”, how can you find someone who fits your organization? Here’s a list of qualities and characteristics to look for:

Willing to accept responsibility

Can you depend on a VA who shies away from shouldering the responsibility? An employee who is ready to own mistakes and has the initiative to fix them is definitely an asset to your company. Errors occur often, but what’s important is a person’s ability to admit fault and face consequences.

Deserving of trust

Can you trust this person with your business secrets? How sure are you that he won’t share confidential information with your competitors? Since a VA is usually physically absent and far away, a higher degree of trustworthiness is necessary. He must be honest about his blunders, and exhibits great loyalty to your company.

Has self-confidence

Who wouldn’t want an online assistant who’s self-assured? A confident employee will help your company possess a positive image towards your clients. This does not only pertain to how an employee thinks of his skills and ability, but also how he presents and deliver himself to your customers.

Willing to talk to people

How will you work with someone you’re struggling to interact with? Not every VA has English as their first language, so communicating with them may sometimes be a problem. Therefore, it’s important that you hire one who can commune effectively with clients both verbally and through writing.

Can be relied on

How will you know the quality of output produced by a virtual assistant? Reliability involves consistency with regards to the tasks being handed to the assistant. He/she can prove to be dependable by simply showing up promptly and meeting deadlines.

Have good organizational skills

Being organized is a skill that you must look for in an assistant, online or physical. The steadiness of a task flow would depend on a VA’s ability to manage his/her projects accordingly.

Hiring virtual assistant services is an excellent way to keep your business running smoothly. Look for these traits when considering whether a VA is right for you.

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