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Do You Know Which Sector Jobs Are At Boom in UAE

You might have been scathing through International recruitment agencies to bag on a hot job offer abroad. With the US and Euro countries witnessing a global slowdown the country which is showing an economic spurt other than India is the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is indubitably turning out to be a hotspot for job hunters with a huge influx of expatriates finding professional refuge on its soil.

However, which are the sectors that are booming in the UAE and are most sought after by manpower recruitment agencies? Take a glimpse at the hot sectors in UAE attracting professionals from all over the globe.

Hospitality Sector

UAE has been witnessing an upsurge in the number of visitors since the last decade, thanks to the cosmopolitan culture embraced by its commercial hub Dubai. The number of tourists that Dubai alone witnessed in the year 2010 was a whopping 10 million, thus contributing strongly to the economy of the country. No doubt, therefore the hospitality sector in UAE is also depicting a formidable growth spurt welcoming millions of jobs for people from all over the globe. With more hotels and inns, being added to the list of accommodation options in UAE it is likely to engage greater number of employees in the coming years as well.

Oil and Gas

This is one sector in UAE and Dubai, which has been experiencing a consistent job spurt along with attractive salaries to lure professionals. A survey by job portal website Oilcareers.com brought forth the fact that oil and gas sector will witness a continuous upward spiral in terms of the remuneration they provide. Hence, whether you wish to join at the entry level or as an experienced professional you can be sure of a handsome growth anytime you enter the industry.

Retail Banking

Retail Banking is gearing up for a whopping 10 percent growth in the next few years in UAE. Manpower recruitment services in India are caching on the opportunity to drag professionals from the country since UAE depicts a dearth of necessary local talents. This makes Retail Banking a definite hot career option in UAE.

Real Estate and Construction

The real estate scenario in UAE seems quite ripe with a whole plethora of residential and commercial projects being in the pipeline. This has upped the demand for roping in professionals from the construction industry such as engineers and real estate development managers. In fact, according to a survey by Bayt.com civil engineers for construction sector in the Emirates comprised among the highest number of jobs in the market. You can also find a number of job positions such as business development manager, sales account manager and the likes as some of the highly desired jobs in UAE with good remuneration.

Food Sector

With the growing population and burgeoning tourists flocking to UAE it comes as no doubt that the food sector is also geared up for an exponential growth. So if you are a gourmand or have a knack towards culinary skills this is definitely a sector to try out in UAE.

International recruitment agencies look through your profile in order to pull you in the right job sphere. So once you know the booming jobs in the Emirates prepare your resume in a way as to highlight your skills in the particular niche well.

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