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Do you make money recycling?

Do you make money recycling? You can make money recycling, but you probably wont make a lot. Most of the reward for recycling will be keeping material out of the landfills and reducing the need to harvest our natural resources. Since you should be recycling what you can anyway, you might as well make some money recycling. It will depend on what you’re recycling as how much money you will be able to make at it.

Locate a local scrap yard that buys scrap metal. When collecting scrap metal to sell, be sure to keep some of the different metals separate, aluminum and copper will be two of the best priced scrap metals. Aluminum soda cans will be the most likely source of aluminum, but things like old webbed aluminum folding lawn chairs can also add to the pile of aluminum. Coils from old refrigerators and air conditioners can yield some copper coils.

If you have growing children in your house you know how quickly they out grow their clothes. Often these outgrown clothes can be recycled for money using consignment stores. Kids clothes are the most likely candidates for selling at consignment stores, but don’t forget to look into consigning non used adult clothes too.

Probably the easiest type of electronic to recycle for cash is cell phones, but some other types of electronics can help you make money recycling. The iPad and old notebook computers are also excellent candidates for recycling to make money. To get the most money for your electronic or cell phone be sure to recycle it as soon as you can, the older it gets the less valuable it gets. Don’t let the old cell phone sit around in a drawer, get it send to one of the many companies that pay you for them. Here are several sites you may consider:

  • http://www.gazelle.com/

Your old toner and inkjet cartridges can also make you money. Many stores will give you a discount or credit if you bring back you empty cartridges, but the sites below may be willing to offer you some cash the recycle the cartridges with them.

Class 5 Plastics, which are things like yogurt cups and resteraunt take out boxes, aren’t typically recycled by municipal recycling programs. Preserve is a company that has begun to recycle this type of plastic and in conjunction with RecycleBank you can earn points towards make other purchases. RecycleBank offer many different ways to earn points and has partnered with some big companies to help people earn and recycle.

Do you make money recycling? Do you play golf? Now you can combine the two. Probably the most unique way to make money recycling that I’ve come across is selling old golf balls. They also sell used golf balls if you’re interested in hitting a bucket of balls.

In terms of recycling an honorable mention needs to go out to these two sites:

  • http://www.soles4souls.org/

They don’t offer a way to make with with recycling, but they do offer an outlet for old shoes that you may just throw away and give them to people that don’t have any.

So, do you make money recycling? Depending on what you have, you can definitely make money recycling. Another good way to make some money, or at least save some money, with a recyclable is to reuse it yourself.

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