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Do you need to buy leather work gloves? Here are the factors to consider

Do you need to buy leather work gloves? Here are the factors to consider

Let the quality guide you to the best when you go to buy work gloves. The gloves market is flooded with all types of gloves of imaginable quality, purpose, and price. When you are doing a job that requires hand protection, shopping for the appropriate gloves will ensure you are protected from any workplace hand injuries. When going to buy gloves remember you will be presented with numerous choices. Sometimes you will find yourself guessing what to buy. This article explains what to look for when you consider buying leather gloves.

Factors to consider while buying leather gloves


Many workers prefer leather gloves because they are durable and attractive. Durability becomes the primary factor to consider. For people who do heavy work, leather gloves will offer them comfort and on top, longer service than other material. Leather gloves, however, come in different types. There is top grain leather and split leather. Top grain leather is superior compared to split leather, and it is also water resistant. Make sure the glove you buy is genuine leather if you want a pair of gloves that will serve you for a long time.

Is the glove cut resistant?

Working in places with sharp tools and rotating parts of machines exposes your hands to cut and other injuries. The main purpose of a pair of gloves is to prevent such injuries. If you work in places where your hands are exposed to cut, you need to buy work gloves that are resistant to cut. Cut resistant gloves prevent your hands from cuts and give you the freedom to use sharp objects. The cut resistant gloves are seemingly constructed and reinforced with polyurethane coating on the fingers and palm.

The gloves should be slip-resistant

Needless to mention, the purpose of the gloves is to protect you from pressure and abrasions. The leather gloves that you choose should be slip resistant. It is also normal for your palms to sweat while you are working. Sweaty palms can cause the gloves to slip off exposing your hands and also causing abrasions due to the pressure. Slip resistant gloves fit the hands properly and absorb sweat. If you sweat too much, consider wearing a glove liner. It helps to absorb perspiration. Look for gloves that are oil resistance. Oil makes the gloves slippery.


While buying gloves, price is a factor to consider. Some gloves come at a high price, but they are not as durable. You should make sure you get the real value of the leather gloves you use. However, buying leather gloves that are too cheap will not guarantee factors such are durability, resistance to cut and slip.

Nature of the work

The work you are doing or intending to do will determine the kind of leather gloves you will buy. Have a proper knowledge of the nature of your work make choosing the gloves easier. It means you have the knowledge of the possible hazards, and you will know the best gloves to buy.

In conclusion, when it comes to buying the best leather work gloves for a given work you can leave the guessing game to the genius if you follow the discussed factors above. The tips will help you choose the right gloves for a given job, therefore reducing the chances of incurring injuries in the workplace.

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