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Do You Think People watch too much television?

Television has always been a prime source of entertainment and information. The day from its invention, it has gone through extensive changes to finally a versatile technology based transmission providing coverage of almost matters from every corner of this world.

Television had always been a friend of everyone’s loneliness times.

People watch television for the purpose of information, entertainment, education etc.

People do watch too much television nowadays and this trend is increasing rapidly because of the fact that people prefer to spend time in front of television to remain updated rather than going out and spending time on roads or in parks.

There are a number of factual reasons behind this increased viewership.

From the last decade the viewership of television had increased dramatically and people prefer to watch television inspite of spending time in any other curricular activity. We observe that with each passing day television is not only becoming a source of entertainment but a prime source of latest socio political news.

There are different kinds of viewers; some are those who watch television extensively mainly because they are interested in the entertainment programs and spend most of their free time watching their favorite darams & shows, while some are always around television just for the fulfillment of desire of keeping themselves up to date with the latest happenings in their surroundings and other parts of the world in the form of news.

There is another class of viewers that loves to sit in the lounge and moving channels from top to bottom frequency. They are not interested in some specific channel but are just interested in keeping them busy to pass on their time.

Television Cartoon programs are also a major attraction factor for children and adults. They love to spend time watching cartoon shows instead of playing or going to parks.

Some people are interested in watching television to discover the latest technologies in the field of science as research based documentaries are very informative as well as motivating for arguing others to come up and discover new horizons in science & technology.

The interest of so many classes & age groups shows that people watch too much television.

When we look from another point of view, the number of television networks has greatly increased in last few years because people are always demanding a wide range of channels telecasting their desired programs all the time so that they can watch whatever they like without any time related limitations.

A key indicator of extensive viewership is the increased fame and anticipation of soup serials among viewers. The seasons of popular shows are greatly discussed at every social meeting, institute and work place.

Television had made this world a global village, the news from one corner of world is immediately spread to whole of the world through television and it increases the interests of viewers from all over the world.

The analytical talk shows also have a large number of addicted viewers who want to listen to the critics of analysts on different social, political and scientific topics.

Television is now being also used for the purpose of education. A number of visual learning programs are telecasted for learning and education.

This thing shows that people are now becoming very much addicted to television and rely upon television as the source of information, entertainment, news, education etc.

Thus we can clearly conclude that people watch too much television and this trend is increasing with each passing day having great impact on our social setup.

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