News Do You Want A Facelift?

Do You Want A Facelift?


There seems to be no limit to what we are able to do in order to prevent the aging process from catching up with us. You can apply the brakes to your facial aging process by using fillers and injectables to give you a non surgical facelift, mini facelift or neck lift, but these are no substitute for what is commonly known as a traditional facelift. It is important to note that a facelift without surgery only lasts for a limited time, while this surgical procedure is a major one that requires a substantial amount of time to heal. Before considering this procedure, five components which include wrinkles and fine lines, hollow cheeks or volume loss, age spots or skin pigment, loss of gravity and elasticity, should be present. Most of these components can be treated with individual treatments that are non-surgical, however, the effects of gravity and the loss of elasticity of your facial skin can only be remedied by undergoing a traditional facelift. If your facial skin is sagging or very loose, especially along your jaw line or chin, you may be an ideal candidate for a facelift.

The first step is a consultation where your medical history and the condition of your skin will be thoroughly examined. Bone structure, elasticity, folds and wrinkles, and the hairline will all be a part of the evaluation process. Your facelift expectations should be discussed and before and after photos taken. Once your procedure is booked, you will be given a pre-operative instruction list. This may include that you discontinue taking all medications including those that are all natural, as they may pose a health risk. Certain medications may be added to your daily routine as they may improve your health. This list will also includes limitations on your eating and drinking habits. It is recommended that you quit smoking at least a month before your facelift surgery date. Many candidates make use of nicotine replacement therapy during this time, as it is vitally important that all smoking is discontinued before surgery takes place.

The facelift originally began as a fairly simple procedure but it has now evolved into something far more complex, offering several variances that are directed towards specific levels of skin deterioration. Sometimes deeper incisions are required and growing your hair longer to help hide these scars while they are healing is usually advised. Sometimes patients are black and blue from bruising after surgery, and they may even have drainage tubes inserted to drain away excessive fluids. Healing can take more than four to six weeks and you will have to be patient and avoid all strenuous activities for some time.
It is important to understand that there are risks that come with this procedure. These may include infections, unfavorable scarring, numbness, pain, discoloration and Fluid accumulation. You may also be dissatisfied with your results, as there are no guarantees. It is essential that before you make the final decision to have a facelift procedure you consult with a plastic surgeon that is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. All certified Plastic Surgeons have been extensively trained and are aware of the very latest developments, techniques and technology with regards to this procedure. If you want to minimize the risk factors and ensure that you maximize the results of your surgery, you should be sure to check up on the credentials of your surgeon.


Do You Want A Facelift?
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