Do You Wear Fully Loaded 9 Millimeter Bras?

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More and more people are talking about using concealed weapons as a last resort to protect themselves from violent criminals. Maybe you have a concealed weapon permit or know someone that does. Violent crimes against women are causing more and more women to look at buying handguns like a Ruger SR9 or SR40 Centerfire Pistol as a way to protect themselves. Today criminals commit home invasions in broad daylight with homeowners in the home. The average street-fight last 10 to 15 seconds. So do you wear fully loaded 9 millimeter bras protect yourself from this kind of violence?

Does You Bra Have Any Bang?

The Second Amendment & Concealed Weapons

Second Amendment advocates see carrying a concealed weapon or open carry and concealed carry alternatives as the answer to self-protection. While these methods may be effective they can also be just as criminal in the wrong hands. Would you want our family members, neighbors, and coworkers carrying a firearm in your presence? This also isn’t an option for people that are afraid of weapons. But for some women, it may come down to asking yourself do you want to become a victim or would you rather wear fully loaded 9 millimeter bras to protect yourself?

Use The Buddy System

One way to protect yourself is to pair up with a buddy when you go out. Try to find a buddy to go along with you when you need to go out. Guys may feel too macho for this but all of us remember being in the wrong place at the wrong time with no backup. Two or more people will discourage some attackers. Taking a buddy along provides protection and makes resorting to a concealed weapon a last resort. Remember, there’s strength in numbers.

Self Defense Spray Concealed Weapon

Self-defense spray like Pepper Spray could help you disable an attacker long enough for you to get some place safe. If you have to use self-defense spray, use it and run. Don’t try to hit or beat the attacker down. You’re not Walker Texas Ranger unless you really are Chuck Norris. But trying to engage an attacker could give an attacker the chance to grab your spray and use it on you. This isn’t like those orchestrated fights on television that go on and on. The average street-fight last 10 to 15 seconds. So keep your spray on your key chain or on it’s own chain that you can hold easily in your hand. Do this all of the time and especially at night. To keep this simple, keep your Pepper Spray ready, spray, and run. #selfdefense, #concealedcarry

Mans Best Friend – As a Guard Dog

Your dog could be your best friend while serving as a guard dog. This isn’t the best application for most family pets but it’s perfect for a big and loud dog. You know, the kind of dog that you wonder if you could actually ride. When this dog barks you’re not sure if it was the dog or thunder. That, my friend, is a deterrent to attacks and the answer to a concealed weapon as a last resort. #guarddog

Self Defense Class

Taking a self defense class is another way to prepare to protect yourself from attackers. Local Young Men and Womens Christian Association that offer self defense courses to the public. There may be a cost associated with these courses. Individuals also offer self defense classes. Some of these individuals may be martial artist and/or law enforcement professionals. I knew a college student who was trained in martial artist that gave female self defense courses to help support himself. Look into any self defense class before joining to make sure you get quality instruction. Ask friends, family and coworkers for references.

Taser Self Defense Concealed Weapon

Tasers or stun guns, are proven alternatives to concealed weapons. Tasers use electrical current to interrupt muscle control. Even law enforcement professionals use Tasers as nonlethal self-defense from a distance. #Tasers for civilians have a range of up to 15 feet. That keeps you at a safe distance from a would-be attacker. It also allows you to carry effective self-defense without having to resort to a concealed weapon. Stun guns like the Zaplight Stun Gun are another way to defend yourself with out using lethal force.

A 4-hour Concealed weapons class to get a Concealed Weapons Permit cost right around $100.00 in the state that I live in.

Concealed Weapon – The Last Resort

There are several alternatives to concealed weapons that are effective at deterring crime. Whichever options you choose you have to be ready to use that technique for your own safety. But If you feel like a concealed weapon is your last resort, take the Concealed Weapons Permit course and count the cost of concealed carry. You could always wear fully loaded 9 millimeter bras. They could save your life.

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