Does Muscle Turn into Fat – Answers

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Does muscle turn into fat is the question. Let me answer this by asking you a couple of unrelated question. Does water really turn into wine? Does wood turn into diamonds?

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The answers to all 3 of these questions is no, no and no. Muscle is a completely different substance than fat. Think about when you have a steak on your plate and there is fat around the edge, do you think it possible for that white soft substance to turn into the darker more dense substance of the steak? No it’s not possible.

Do you think that the muscle or meat of your steak can actually turn into the white fat on the outer part of your steak? No again it will not turn into fat. So if muscle does not turn into fat then why do some people believe that it does? Well because they are uneducated on this subject and I guess they never bothered to research what the truth is.

Everyone has muscle tissue and fat. Some have more muscle and some have more fat. The way we build muscle is by exercising enough so that your muscle tissue breaks down and your body using the available nutrients from what you eat repairs and builds your muscle.

To increase your fat you basically just have to eat more food than your body requires to maintain its current weight.

If you have muscle and you build up your muscle by exercising or even by the type of work you do and then you stop exercising your muscles by exercise or work your muscle does not turn to fat. Your muscle cells actually shrink. Just like the saying goes, if you don’t use it you lose it. If you were to resume your exercise program again getting enough quality protein and other nutrients your muscles would grow even quicker than when you first built them as you are now replenishing existing muscle cells.

The reason some people think muscle turns into fat is because usually the person who has stopped exercising or whatever they were doing previously so now they are not burning the calories they used too and maybe haven’t adjusted their diet to eating less. So they are still eating what they did while working out which is more than their body requires in a day to maintain its bodyweight.

Therefore gaining fat cells because of the lack of exercise and abundance of calories.

Therefore muscle does not turn into fat.

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Does Muscle Turn into Fat – Answers, Seekyt
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