Does Tarot Really Predict The Future?

From the dawn of time, human beings have been curious about what does Fate had on hold for them, and telling the future has been the subject of many occult societies and literature. One of those societies, the Occult Tarot, developed Tarot as we know it today based on existing decks of cards used for decoration and playing. Tarot card decks are on itself a work of art in most cases, filled with details, symbolism and meaning that according to some can tell you what’s going to happen in the future, or answer detailed questions about what’s going to happen. But does Tarot really predict the future?

The Many Faces Of Tarot

For many, tarot spreads are nothing but a game that can be used to entertain, playing with tarot cards the same way people toy with other occult or mysterious new age tools. For others, people who are gifted enough to see the future can use Tarot as a tool out of many to channel that power and put words into a vision that may not be as clear as desired. And for a third group, Tarot is a way of channeling your higher self, your subconscient, and an aid to meditation that can in some cases help you understand what may be forthcoming. Some tarot spreads, such as the celtic cross tarot, can help you look at a situation on an entirely different way and even bring to the surface things that you weren’t willing to admit or that were being ignored by mistake.

Is The Future Written In Stone?

Again, there’s several opinions about this, from those who believe we’re given a future when we’re born and nothing we can do can change it, to those who believe every new action changes the layout of your Fate. For some Tarot can accurately predict the future as it just shows what’s already written, while for others the most it can do is offer some immediate guidance on what most probably will happen if the person the reading is for doesn’t change anything. Depending on your particular beliefs on this subject, Tarot can be a tool to predict the future or just an alternative way of describing the flows of energy around a particular situation.

Some Things Tarot Cannot Really Do

Tarot cards aren’t exact, and getting a yes or no answer is difficult, so if somebody is promising to tell you how to choose a winning lottery ticket or how many children you’re going to have they are probably just taking an educated guess. In many cases the accuracy of a reading is also enhanced by the personal knowledge the reader has of the person receiving the reading, gathered through questions, and also general statistics and knowledge. This doesn’t mean that a tarot reading cannot be great advice to help you accomplish what you wanted (or discover what exactly you wanted in the first place). Even free tarot card readings can help you see a problem in an entirely new light, by forcing you to meditate on it to attach the right meaning to each card. But giving you accurate information about the future or the timings of a particular relationship is probably out of the reach of most tarot readings.