News Does the god exist ?

Does the god exist ?


This is a question that would have come to the mind of every living being in this world.But for sure this question also must be answered by the mighty human beings who are finding a new mystery and its answers each day.When the name god comes there comes the word relegion in our mind,because there are a lot of them.I dont want to specify any.But for sure has a question does the human beings have a real proof for the existence of god?????

There is proof for everything that exist in this world so this should also have one.But after reading a lot about this and searching information about this i understood one thing,its not a imaginary power which we call god.Its a mixture , mixture of goodness in one living being in addition to a power which some people who gets attracted from evil(other word for doing bad or negative behaviour or attitude).

Now the problem that exist in this world is that there are some who are getting mad from the belief of god.They get so mad that they started doing evil behaviour in the name of god.But then we have a doubt is the god itself the evil,is it like faces of a coin which has both sides.Yes the questions of it are never answered or concluded fully.

So i think for sure we are living as a frog in the well.We dont know why we are born and after going through many phase we die one day and disappear and to where.For sure life is giving us a oppurtunity to be a part of a age just for our generations to find itself intresting to live and more to find out.Then what are we,are we the subjects for future generation.I wish something crazy or miraculous happens so that we can see whats in real we are brought in for or do we loose our thrill to live life when we know about it and thats the reason that we are being kept frog in the well,the answer we get also is like a coin,in a biased way that we never know which side the truth lies.

Does the god exist ?
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