Does The Laser Comb Work for Hair Loss? – Laser Comb Review

Men and women will do just about anything to maintain their hair. After all the treatments, diets, supplements, and numerous other ways to fight hair loss. The last resort might either be hair plugs, or laser comb therapy to help save your hair. The real question is does the laser comb actually work for hair loss? Because even home laser combs can be quite expensive. Before you consider making such an investment on an expensive item, it’s best to get some reviews and feedback on which ones to buy, and which ones actually do work.

Understand that there’s no cure for hair loss. I’m a male in my late 20s, and have started battling thinning hair for the last five years. I’ve tried numerous different things, and found a collection of diets, supplements, shampoos, and hair thinning treatments all work in combination. So regardless of hair laser combs, or anything else you try, its likely one method alone will not work. Fighting hair loss is not a battle, its a war that must be fought religiously to maintain our precious hair follicles.

How Laser Combs Work for Hair loss

The method of laser treatment for hair loss is that it supposedly will stimulate hair growth. The comb works by repairing damage tissues in the scalp and increasing cellular metabolism. These methods may in fact in return re-grow stronger hair follicles and maintain much healthier hair. There are many skeptics out there that aren’t fully ready to embrace the lasercomb as a serious way to help stop hair loss. However, there has been a lot of strong evidence, and positive feedback from those that claim this really does work for many men and women.

The laser comb is very safe to use, which minoxidil and propecia both have proven to have side effects. My opinion is that it doesn’t hurt to try. If you’re just beginning to experiencing hair loss I think its possible you might be able to re-grow what you’ve loss. If you’re already bald, then I think would be a waste of money. Once you’re bald, then that’s pretty much it

FDA Approved Laser Comb

The HairMax is the very first FDA approved laser comb for hair loss product out on the market. Both men and women can use this to treat hair loss, and possibly re-grow hair that they’ve lost. According to the makers of this product, up to 93% of males between the ages of 30-50 in their clinical trial received hair growth from using their product.

The HairMax Advanced 7 is one of the cheapest and higher rated products being sold on amazon. It’s gotten some mixed reviews. You can read some of the feedback for yourself and decipher whether or not its worth buying. Since is costs under $200 dollars it might be worth it if you’re really desperate. Some seem to have had success with this product where others didn’t. That’s usually the case with most hair loss products. Nothing works the same for everyone.