Does Vitex for Fertility Really Work?

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When ever I have a new baby it takes me a long time to get my fertility back. I am talking 18+ months without a monthly cycle at all after my babies are born. In other words, I chronically suffer from amenorrhea.

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I have always wanted a large family with a lot of kids. My dream number is 12 kids, yes I know that is a lot, but I grew up in a very small family and always envied the kids who had plenty of siblings. I promised myself that I would give my kids what I didn’t have. It was always frustrating that I couldn’t space my kids closer together due to my amenorrhea issues.

How did I finally get my fertility back when my past two babies were around 18 months old? I started taking Vitex when they were about 14-15 months old. It was really that simple. Vitex is also known as Chaste Tree Berry, it is an herb that helps regulate hormones and gets your female reproductive system back on track.

I have personally known many other women who swear by Vitex and give it credit for helping them to overcome their infertility. It even helps women like me who take forver to get their monthly cycles back on track after a pregnancy.

I find it very interesting that Vitex used to be used as a means to supress libido, I have found it to have the opposite effect. I wonder who thought that brillaint idea up? The magic of Vitex is how it works on the female system. If you suffer from PCOS it is especially helpful.

If you are a long term breastfeeder you should know that nursing causes prolactin to surge through your body, which in turn lowers your fertility. Vitex helps to curb that excess prolactin and helps make it easier for you to ovulate.

If you are impatient like I am you need to plan ahead. Start taking Vitex a few times a day (I take 3 capsules per day, but go with what your health professional recommends) and realize that it will take a good 8-12 weeks to see any noticable results.

I have a 15 month old son right now and just recently started taking Vitex again. According to my past experiences, my fertility should be returning in the next 3-4 months. Trying to concieve is tricky enough, having some herbs to help you along makes a big difference.

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Does Vitex for Fertility Really Work?, Seekyt
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