News Does Your Brain Zap?

Does Your Brain Zap?


That odd electrical-like buzz that hits your brain for a millionth of a second and then dissapears is what I call a brain zap. I’ve tried to communicate to my doctor what it feels like and he looks at me like I have a third eye. I had brain zaps for at least five years and I think I’ve found a lot of the pieces of the puzzle, although I have no idea what the puzzle is supposed to look like when it’s done.

I zap when I’m over-tired. If I haven’t slept well the night before or am due for a nap, my brain is going to tell me so.

I zap when I’m late taking my medications. Just when I think I’ve narrowed it down I find that I’m wrong. I take Cymbalta for fibromyalgia, and I think it is most likely the cause because I think what I’m feeling is my brain calling for serotonin. I suffer from depression and fibromyalgia and have been on Cymbalta since 2004. If, for whatever reason, I miss it for a day, my brain zaps almost constantly. Is it an ‘addiction’ to the drug or to the effect the drug has on my brain? I also am bipolar and take a small nightly dose of Seroquel, but since the zapping started long before the diagnosis or treatment, I’ve ruled that one out. I take Ambien at night for sleep, and as anyone knows who has taken it, it is a weird drug. I’d love to take anything else, but it is the only one that puts me out. I’ve tried all the other prescription drugs as well as OTC, but only Ambien makes me sleep. Makes me groggy as can be in the morning and very forgetful, but anyone who suffers from severe insomnia will tell you it’s worth it. I also take Atenelol to slow my heart rate (too many years of being on a decongestant), a multivitamin, Omega 3 oil, vitamin C and sublingual vitamin b.

I zap when I get over-stimulated, like at a huge gathering, and when I go for a long sweaty workout, my head will zap when and if I turn my head suddenly. I thank God for a husband who understands when I say ‘I’ve got to get out of here.’

Anyone reading this is going to say, ‘it’s the drugs, stupid!’ and I totally agree, but my body needs them. You wouldn’t stop taking dialysis if the needle irritated your skin, so why would I stop taking a drug that makes my fibromyalgia tolerable? Truth is, I’ve gotten pretty used to them. If the brain zaps were to stop tomorrow, I would notice very quickly and wonder what the hell is going on?

Does Your Brain Zap?
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