News Does Your Dog Have Ringworm?

Does Your Dog Have Ringworm?


Ringworm in dogs is a contagious skin disease caused by fungi that affects various parts of a dog’s body such as the face, ears, paws and tail. Your dog can get ringworm from contaminated dirt and by coming in contact with a dog or cat that is infected with ringworm.

Ringworms have nothing to do with worms and they are called ringworm because of the red ring that can be seen on the dog’s skin. A dog infected with ringworm usually does not itch.

Depending on how severe the infection is, there are a number of treatment options that you can do to treat your dog’s ringworm. One way is bathing your dog with anti-fungal soap or shampoo and rubbing neem oil on the dog’s skin. There are several medicated shampoos available to treat ringworm. Ask your veterinarian which shampoo he recommends for you to use on your dog. You must give your dog a bath every other day with this special shampoo.

Your veterinarian will prescribe a medication for you to give your dog. Some veterinarians will tell you to apply a topical anti-fungal medicine that contains miconazole to the dog’s skin to help kill the fungi. The area round the lesions may be carefully clipped down close to the skin. Be careful when doing this in order to prevent skin irritation and infection. Another dog ringworm treatment method has proven to be effective is a lime sulfur dip. This is usually done twice a week for 2 weeks then once a week for 4 to 6 weeks.

These treatments do not offer immediate results and during the first few days of treatment you will observe a sudden increase in your dogs hair loss. The hair loss should stop in a few weeks. And if it does not take your dog to the veterinarian.

The best way to prevent dog ringworm is to keep your dog’s surroundings clean at all times. Groom your dog on a regular basis as bad hygiene and a dirty environment are the main sources of fungi that cause ringworm in dogs. It will take a long time and constant treatment to get rid of the ringworm completely. Keep your dog happy and healthy.

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Does Your Dog Have Ringworm?
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