Dog bad breath is a real issue with pet owners

dog bad breath

Most people have pets and lots of people have dogs as pets, the issue is when that dog has something wrong that is inhibiting you from enjoy spending time with him. Dog bad breath or Halitosis is a major drawback.
You love Rex dearly, as you know dog is man’s best friend but, lately his breath has been getting in the way of that friendship. It started as a minor odor and now it is full blown bad breath. You don’t want to keep pushing him away because that makes you feel bad and he feels hurt. Why is his breath stink? Should you take him to the Vet or should you try to rectify the problem with home remedies. Yes, there many out there that you could probably use and it would help for the time being but, would the dog bad breath be rectified?
Most times all you need to do is check your dog’s mouth for any sign of tooth decay, gum disease abscess or any foreign object lodge between the teeth. Tooth decay can be one of the main culprits of bad breath in dogs and can become serious if not taken care of. If a cavity is present a Veterinarian will remove the tooth. If it is in fact gum disease or an abscess, then medication and removal of the abscess is required. The Vet may need to clean out the dog’s mouth by scrapping under the gum and the teeth. Your dog tongue can also be the source of his bad breath and should be treated same as the gums.
Gum Disease
Gum diseases or periodontal disease occur in dogs when proper hygiene has not taken place. With the built up of plague around the gum line, the bacteria in the plague causes irritation and starts to harden. Once this happens it leads to infection in the gum and the bone. Once this happen saliva causes the plague to harden and form tartar. This evidently can only be removed by dental instruments.
Oral hygiene for dogs
Just like humans, dogs do need oral hygiene. The best management system is prevention. Using toothpaste made especially for dogs, brush your dog’s teeth daily. To get rid of particles of food remaining in his teeth and clean away any bacteria which may cause tooth decay and bad breath.
Giving your dog doggie treats is a good habit as the treats will help keep his mouth healthy. The treat will help with the removal of plague that contributes to gum diseases. Dried Hog hide and big dog bones work well because they allow the dog to chew firmly on them and thus, keeping the dog’s mouth healthy.
Get your Dog a checkup
Dogs are known for their inquisitiveness, they get into things and most times eating something they are not to eat. This can cause problems, because if it gets stuck in their lungs not only will it cause dog bad breath but, it can be detrimental. Have your vet check for any chronic illness such as diabetes or kidney disease.
Have you dog check for any underling disease than cause dog bad breath to occur. If he is whinny and miserable you should take him to the vet at once.
Do not give you dog breath mint or have him drink mouth wash.