Dog Bite Cash

There are ways to get dog bite cash if you were bitten. While you will have several options at your disposal, there are some that will simply work better than others. If you are attacked by an animal like this, you need to take measures to ensure the owner of the pet takes responsibility. Let’s look at how and where you can collect dog bite cash for your pain and suffering, along with some additional measures you may not have considered. You can get money from this. To make sure you have good legal standing, you may want to consider reading about free legal advice 24 hours a day by phone.

Where to get Money

Most states require that all homeowner insurance policies have dog bite coverage. This is your chance to get paid cash money for your pain. If the animal owner is also a pet owner, ask for his or her insurance information to report your claim.

If the owner doesn’t have this type of coverage, you may be able to win in small claims court. Go to your local clerk of court and file the paperwork for a small claims lawsuit. There’s a good chance you will get some dog bite cash out of the whole ordeal.

Finally, you may want to simply hire an attorney, especially if you suffer substantial injury as a result, or if the animal has a history of this type of behavior. The owners of these types of pets need to take responsibility for them. Taking them to court ensures that they will take financial responsibility at the minimum.

Making Sure You Get Money

If you are looking to collect dog bite cash and get paid for your pain and suffering, whether you are dealing with a lawyer or through the animal owner’s insurance company, you need to get a police report. If you reported the injury right away, just request a copy from the agency that handled the call. If not, and it has only been a few days or less, make the phone call to get the report done. You may need this for insurance or lawsuits.

In addition to police reports, you want to take pictures of your injuries, even if you don’t go to the hospital. In addition, if you do go the hospital, you must get a copy of the records for evidence. This is how to get the most dog bite cash possible and get the most money. Also, be sure to ask the pet owner for a copy of the animal’s rabies vaccination records. Please note that any time you are bitten and the skin is broken, you should go to the hospital.

Note: Suing friends, family, or neighbors will put a strain on the relationship. Keep this in mind before you go after dog bite cash.