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Dog Crate That Looks Like Furniture

Dog Beds & Cages That Are Furniture

If you are looking to get a dog crate but don’t want it to be sticking out in the middle of your house & would prefer the crate to look like furniture — hence blending in seamlessly with the rest of your house (as well as offer some added practicality). Then you will love the showcase of Dog cage furniture we have just below, all finished to an incredibly high standard — that come in a range of sizes from XXL, large down to extra small (catering for all sized dogs) & will be available with a selection of designs (from Oak to Ashwood) that you can choose from (and can even be custom made to your specification in some cases). So you are bound to find the dog home furniture that suits you & your dog perfectly.

Mr. Herzher’s Deluxe Dog Crate Furniture

This is just a truly quality dog home furniture piece, having undergone work by a ‘classic American craftsman‘ being fitted with Rhino wicker resin for the panels. The furniture grade solid wooden frame takes on an ‘early American finish, a slight fair brown — will certainly add to almost any decor.

Rating: 100% & Loved. (sourced amazon.com)

It works on a five door way system opening both inwards and outwards with hinges attached from both sides (or can be completely removed if needed, just simply stores neatly away underneath the Dog kennel (potentially making it the ‘ultimate’ come n’ go pet den). You will also notice from the image, that it has elevated feet that comes with padding to protect your flooring from getting scuffed (it also aids the dog with better quality ventilation). In all, it is pretty clear Mr. Herzher’s Dog Residence a pretty ‘great dog house’. Available from Small to Extra Large.

Large Dog Crate That Looks Like an End Table

Another quality stylish dog cage end table unit that is constructed from Amish solid oak wood (with a range of eight color stains – you can specify upon order), hence is completely secure and incredibly durable. A perfect way for you and you dog to hang out in the living room or bedroom together, both getting great satisfaction from it.

Rating: 100%, ‘Easy to Assemble’ (sourced amazon.com)

This model is available in two sizes both large, where it measures 25 x 34 x 24 inches (ideal for medium to large size dogs) as well as medium, measuring 23 x 29 x 24 inches (for smaller sized dogs). So as you can see it is rather compact, so won’t take up too much floor foot print and hides away any ‘ugly’ wires that you sometimes see on other dog home crates.

Escape Proof Rubberwood Dog Cage Furniture

Produced by Crown Pet Products this end table is a very popular, best selling unit, which is no surprise given the great value for money ‘aspect’ it offers — a handsome dog kennel furniture piece for an ‘very affordable’ price of $200.

Rating: 92% ‘A Great Crate’ (sourced amazon.com)

Combing both style and dual functionality, this dog crate table is made with rubberwood (that is similar to teak) — the wood is stained with a lacquered finish, giving it a beautiful look. Moreover, it is manufactured with mortise and tenon to give further added stability and durability to the dog crate end table. As you can see from the image the door operates on a steel hinge, so is completely rotatable (inside and outside the crate) & can be locked with the latch (making it escape proof).

Again, their is ‘360’ passage (open on each panel), providing your beloved pet with great ventilation. Also, the floor is covered with waterproof MDF preventing the absorption of odors & liquid also making it very easy to clean. keep your pet close with this dog crate that looks like furniture, a truly great piece. Size: medium, large. Color: espresso, mahogany & chestnut.

Chew Proof Dog Crate That is an End Table

A specially designed Dog Crate made by ‘pinnacle’ that has wire sides to prevent your dog from chewing the end table to pieces. It is designed with a solid oak wood framework with wired panels on each of the four sides and works perfectly as an end table.

Rating: 80% ‘worth waiting for’ (sourced amazon.com)

As you can see it is visually beautiful with the natural wooden exterior with fitted 2 inch black lattice, makes both a practical and ‘good looking’ piece to any bedroom or living area. the mattress you see doesn’t come with it, but I highly recommend this ‘one’ by MidWest (which will fit in all the other dog crates featured in this article as well), which your dog will certainly love you for. An attractive and durable dog crate (especially when you compare it to a cheap, ugly all wire dog crate, that your dog will end up escaping from or chewing up) — that both you and your dog will love.

Which Dog Crate That Looks Like Furniture Do You Like Best?

All of the dog crates have their own unique selling points and because it combines both ‘style’ and ‘practicality’ it is a subjective matter — however clearly these dog furniture units are certainly the ‘better’ quality ones when you compare them to others. But which is your favorite and why (let me know in the comments below).

Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the overview of dog crates that look like furniture then please make them below. Also, if you have found this article useful at all, please give it a like (heart) or share — will be much appreciated.

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