Dog Grooming Tips for Askals

Askal dogs otherwise known as mongrels are the breed mostly found in the Philippines. They are noted to guard the house and to eat left overs of their masters. Filipinos prefer them because they are easily kept and do not actually need to be groomed. However, this stereotype of thinking has improved overtime giving these animals the privilege to be groomed just like any other breed.

Here are the dog grooming tips.

1. Regular bathing

Although, askals do not actually need a bath, they ought to be bathed not only to make them feel better but to keep their smell at bay. Askals are the breed which smells even if they are bathed. It is believed their food has something to do with their smell. They are fed with any left overs and not the common dog food. Accordingly to some old folks, the practice of setting them aside with a foot is a contributory factor too. They are known to be kicked by owners whenever they are irritated or mad. With this, bathing them as a part of dog grooming tips is essential.

Before starting to bathe though, you need to prepare all what you need such as shampoo, towel, comb, chain and others things. Askals are the type to run away if they sense bathing is a part of their routine for the day. To save your energy running after them, better be organized with your things.

How to Bathe

Unlike the pure breed dogs with long curly thick hair, askals are the opposite. They possess short fine hair making it easy to wet. Start shampooing from the head to tail to the feet. Enough shampoo should be massaged all over the body and wash thoroughly. To let them abstain from rubbing their body in soil or dirt, towel them at once after bathing. Let them stay in the sun for a while to get back their warmth. Dogs easily lose their temperature and if this is ignored, it is likely they will become sick.

2. Do some Inspecting

Grooming dogs is not confined in bathing alone but extended to do inspection. While drying the dog, take time to go through the ears, paws and other parts for lice and ticks. This should always be a part of your grooming tips to make sure parasites are controlled. Ticks must be pulled gently with a puller especially in the ear and in between the paws as they attached themselves deeply. Roughly pulling them may cause bleeding and pain in which the dog might resist the continuation of the grooming procedure.

Any kind of abnormal ear discharges must be noted and reported to your veterinarian for appropriate care.

3. Cleaning the ear

Most often, the inner part of the ear is neglected during bathing and this is the time to investigate and clean them. Clean the ears with cotton buds soaked in oil or damp cottons to remove the dirt easily. Scan for other signs of wound or sores such as redness or blackened skin. Treat them as necessary if they are present.

If you have askal dogs, these dog grooming tips are helpful in grooming your dogs at home.