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Doing Business In the Dark | Commercial Automatic Power Generator


Doing Business In the Dark | Commercial Automatic Power Generator

Most businesses can’t do business in the dark but they could keep making money if they had an commercial automatic standby generator. Have you ever thought about how an automatic standby generator could literally save your small business during a power outage? When you run a small business there are some things that you can do without. But do you really want to stake your business on the hope that the power stays on? Operating without a standby generator is like rolling the dice with your business on the line. How much would you lose in sales if your business lost power for one or two weeks? Could you do business in the dark?

$445 /hr

Revenue lost for a typical gas station/convenience store

During power outage

Your Customers Count On You

Your customers are counting on you to provide the products and services that your small business offers. They have plans and they need your products and services to carry out their plans. But if the power is out you can’t do business in the dark. So you need to have your standby generator to keep you in business when the power goes out. You have to be ready to deliver what the customer wants, when they want it. The last thing you, as a small business owner wants to hear is, “Now all my plans are ruined!!” But that’s exactly what you’ll hear if you don’t deliver the goods.

Doing Business In the Dark | Commercial Automatic Power GeneratorDoing Business In the Dark | Commercial Automatic Power Generator

Supply and Demand

Our countries infrastructure has labored for more than 50 years without any major investment to improvement it. There are no plans to improve it. Plans to improve our nations power grid could take years to develop and implement.

Keep Your Customers Trust

It took a lot of hard work and sacrifice for you to gain your customers trust as one of the best at what you do. They’ve become repeat customers and tell their friends and family about you. That kind of word of mouth advertising brings you more customers. The more customers you get, the more money you make. So it’s crucial for your small business to be doing business in the dark.

Doing Business In the Dark | Commercial Automatic Power Generator

Note: This is a screenshot of my article ‘No Emergency Home Power Generator and Your Power is Out for Weeks’ that I posted on Google+. Note the comment at the bottom from Rachel Tracy – Generac Accountant Supervisor and Social Media Strategist. Generac is a leading producer of Business and Home Power Generators.

You Can Afford A Standby Generator

Some small businesses operate with a very slim profit margin so it might be tempting to think of a commercial automatic generator as a luxury. I mean, come on, most of the time the thing would just be sitting there doing nothing. Kind of like your sprinkler and alarm systems. Hey, wait a minute! Those things are ready to help protect your business everyday. They could save the business any day and help you keep making money the next day. You know, now that I think about it, that sounds like what an emergency power generator does. Now that you think about it, can your business really afford to go without an emergency generator?

Are Your Competitors Up & Running?

Are your competitors doing business in the dark? If they are, where do you think your customers will go to get what they need? An emergency generator is one part of the competitive edge that you need to gain market share. The owner that has the right power equipment at the right time could win big. You’ve put too much blood, sweat, and tears into your business to leave it vulnerable to a power outage. Click on any of the standby generator ads on this page to learn more about how to protect your business, unless you can do business in the dark.

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Doing Business In the Dark | Commercial Automatic Power Generator
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