Domino's – The World's Most Expensive Pizza

Well, it may not be the most expensive in the world, but it is certainly the most expensive pizza I’ve come across, especially as it’s just a take-away.

Here is a comparison of a Domino’s pizza against similarly sized and topped pizzas from other sources. Delivery or transport costs are not considered.

Location: Domino’s

Pizza: Create Your Own pizza with two additional toppings, ham and mushroom.

Size: 11.5′ (medium).

Price: £10.19

Location: Da Sandros Italian Restaurant

Pizza: Pizza ai Funghi di Bosco with prosciutto ham added. The mushrooms are wild mushrooms sautéed in garlic, and the pizza also has herbs and parmesan cheese shavings.

Size: Approx 11′

Price: £9.25 standard price, £8.25 on Early Bird menu.

Location: Pizza Hut

Not the ‘All You Can Eat’ weekday buffet or any other offer.

Pizza: Thin Create Your Own pizza with two additional toppings, ham and mushroom.

Size: 11′ (regular).

Price: £8.45

Location: Other local take away. These are all fairly similar in price, so this is more of a generic listing.

Pizza: Ham and mushroom.

Size : 12′

Price: £5.60

The quality of a Domino’s pizza is comparable to other take aways and Pizza Hut. It is inferior to the Italian restaurant by far, yet the Domino’s pizza is more expensive. The price for a pizza from Domino’s is almost double that of a comparable local take away.

I don’t know what the extra is that you’re paying for; it isn’t food quality, portion size, the need for the company to provide a restaurant and staff or even home delivery, as their delivery charge – and the benefit of free delivery on orders over a certain amount – is comparable to other local take aways, with the exception that many of the latter will provide a free item (usually a garlic bread) when an order over a certain amount is placed.

Domino’s do sell pizzas at a similar or cheaper price than the other places, but these pizzas are tiny, usually half the diameter – or less – of the comparably priced pizzas.