Donna Summer: The ‘Queen of Disco’

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Tribute to Donna Summer, the ‘Queen of Disco de’ died May 17, 2012

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Donna Summer (Photo: Harry Wad)

Donna Summer is the name of art with which she was known by all the American singer known as ‘The Queen of disco music’ but his real name is LaDonna Andre Gaines (Boston, December 31, 1948 – Venice, May 17, 2012) .

It was mainly a series of hits from the seventies that the fecereo earn the title of ‘Queen of Disco’.

This exceptional singer began his career well before the sudden popularity of the genre of the seventies disco continuandola after. Although it was one of the most famous artists of that period, his repertoire is not exhausted in the disco, but included parts R & B, rock and gospel, which earned him a Grammy award for each class.

Donna Summer: The ‘Queen of Disco’, Seekyt

LaDonna Andre Gaines was born on 31 December 1948 in Boston and is the third of seven children. In 1968 Donna leaves her hometown and moved to Germany and get here writing for the German version of the famous musical Hair. In 1971, knows, in Monaco of Bavaria, Helmut Sommer, which also has a daughter, Mimi Sommer. His stage name derives dall’anglicizzazione the surname of her first husband. In 1974 he released his first European success, recorded in collaboration with Giorgio Moroder, The Hostage, including the LP Lady of the Night.

The album that will make known to the U.S. market through the distribution of Casablanca Records, Love to Love You Baby, was released a year later. This disc is a track included seventeen minutes long, the title track, a prelude to the attention that Donna Summer will put on albums in the long term, rather than in the publication of many individuals, creating and establishing a model for the disco. In 1976 he published A Love Trilogy and the concept album Four Seasons of Love , which has a moderate success in the U.S., but gets hit in continental Europe, especially Germany and Italy. Soon after, in 1977, released I Remember Yesterday, which is I Feel Love, single, in addition to being one of the biggest hits of the singer will have enormous influence in many musical genres, among which include in particular the disco, electronic music and techno music.

Another concept album Once Upon a Time, based on Cinderella. A second gets overwhelming success with Live and More, an album that, again, inserted a trace of seventeen minutes, MacArthur Park Suite. Donna Summer sings and writes perhaps his biggest hit, Bad Girls (1979), in which hard stands the famous single Hot Stuff, which will ensure the Grammy for best female rock singer. The singer becomes the first artist to place three consecutive double albums in the first place when it publishes On the Radio.

In 1980 Donna Summer leaves Casablanca Records and signed to Geffen Records, home for which he wrote the album The Wanderer and I’m a Rainbow, which before 1996 was not published for fear of a flop. By order of the record label the singer abandoned his historical authors Moroder and Bellotte, for dell’affermato Quincy Jones. He released the album along with Donna Summer, which decimated the songs Love Is in Control (Finger on the Trigger), The Woman in Me and State of Independence, whose imprint gonna screw new age in Europe.

The early Eighties represent a stop in her career, because of the birth of two daughters, and to deal with disputes that saw her involved in a journalistic scandal: according to a statement attributed to it, Donna Summer had contempt for the gay community and was therefore subject accusations. The singer denied everything and even put in the years following the Gay Men’s Health Crisis by Carnegie.

She started back in the charts with She Works Hard For The Money and the 1989 single This Time I Know It’s For Real becomes a success first in Europe and later the United States. In the nineties prefers performing in duets (the famous one with Liza Minnelli) and cover (including Con te partirò by Andrea Bocelli). Release some popular singles like Love Is The Healer, very popular overseas, and Carry On, a song which won the first Grammy for best dance single. Some famous artists since 2000 and resumed certain songs by Donna Summer: among the most popular remodeling include, for example, the sampling of the Beyonce Naughty Girl Dangerously in Love album, which reprises the original tune of Love to Love You Baby Madonna campionò I Feel Love in the song Future Lovers contained in the album Confessions on a Dancefloor and sang the piece during the exhibition of Future Lovers during the Confessions Tour in 2005. Even the Pussycat Dolls rimaneggiarono text of Hot Stuff, obtaining a promotional single.

In 2004 he joined first in the Dance Music Hall of Fame, along with the Bee Gees and Barry White. In 2005, Donna Summer has won 5 Grammy awards and 6 American Music Awards, 24 gold and platinum in the U.S. and 19 silver discs in Great Britain. He has sold over one hundred million copies worldwide and was awarded a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1994.

In May 2008, after 17 years released a new album that includes 13 new songs including The Queen Is Back.

Sick from time to lung cancer, died May 17, 2012, aged 63, in his seaside home near Venice, on the west coast of Florida.


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2008 – Crayons

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1999 I Will Go With You
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2000 The Power of One
2004 Dream-A-Lot’s Theme
2004 You’re So Beautiful (Ultimate Club Mix)
2005 I Got Your Love
2008 I’m A Fire
2008 Stamp Your Feet
2010 To Paris With Love

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Donna Summer: The ‘Queen of Disco’, Seekyt
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