Don’t forget the catering for your party!

Parties are a big part of the Christmas holiday season. When someone is planning a party, they typically put a lot of thought and effort into the decorations and music to add that sparkle and magic of the season, and create the right atmosphere. They will also think about all the tasty savouries and sweets they want to serve their guests to enhance the Christmas mood.

Additionally, they will likely also think about the stress of preparing the various treats, snacks and dishes for their party guests. The larger the party, the greater that stress could be.

Stress over the food and drink does not have to be part of the party planning, however. It is very common that catering is automatically an aspect of office parties, but don’t forget the catering when planning a Christmas party! Catering is not limited to weddings and corporate events. Private parties, large or small, can be catered, too.

Creative menu ideas and personal touches create a unique, bespoke catered Christmas party. Whether the party is to be a simple affair or a glamorous event, there is sure to be a menu that will suit every party, and palate.

The party may be a quiet, simple gathering and the host, or hostess, may want to offer their guests a lovely selection of canapés and hors d’oeuvres with drinks. These items can be set out for self-service, or passed among the party guests by waiting staff to give the part a more upscale atmosphere.

food catering
Alternatively, if the client wishes to serve their guests a meal in addition to, or instead of, a selection of canapés and hors d’oeuvres, this is possible. One option offered for a catered full meal is a buffet. The buffet offers a variety of food selection options, including finger foods, salads, and hot and cold food. Some options for buffet foods include beef, lamb, pork, salmon, seafood such as prawn dishes and lobster, poultry, a variety of quiches, and a selection of vegetarian dishes. The salad buffet offers an extensive array of salad options and varieties, both hot and cold.

If the plan is for a more formal, or traditional, Christmas dinner affair, a catered three course Christmas meal to serve to the guests may fit the bill. A selection of menus are available, which includes an extensive list of starters, main courses and desserts.

Another option is to have a catered dessert party. Often people visit a friend or relative for Christmas dinner, and then visit someone else for dessert. This would be a wonderful option if having guests over for a full dinner is not desired, or plans have already been made to go elsewhere for Christmas dinner. With a catered desert party, the party can be more relaxed, with guests arriving and leaving at leisure.

The guests can enjoy wonderful delights from a Sweet Finger Buffet, such as Sweet Finger Buffet shortbread hearts partially dipped in white and dark chocolate, or a variety of mini sweet delights such as strawberry shortbread, chocolate éclairs, chocolate Florentines and Danish pastries. A decadent treat of Italian chocolate cream cups, or chocolate dipped strawberries, or fruit kebabs with Malibu Chocolate Sauce.

With over 20 years of experience, and a passion for food and excellence, Linda’s Pantry will ensure the client’s expectations are not only met, but exceeded, and help the host or hostess make sure their Christmas party is one to remember for years to come.

So, don’t forget the catering for your Christmas party! Talk to us today about your Christmas party plans and let us help plan a memorable menu.