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There’s nothing worse than being locked out of your home or car. In the old days, it was relatively simple to circumnavigate the problem–one could usually get into the house through a window, and getting into the car was just a matter of patience and some skill with a re-purposed wire coat hanger. Those days are long gone. With today’s modern security systems, safety windows, and transponder keys, if one is locked out of his home or car, he’ll probably need to call a locksmith.
It’s nothing to be embarrassed about; everybody does it from time to time. Unfortunately, it always seems to happen at the worst of times. One is either in a rush, distracted by the turmoil of the day, or just distracted altogether. While one may think locksmiths depend on this most human of blunders, he should realise they’ve actually given such typical dilemmas some thought. Conclusion? Prevention is the best strategy.

Checks and Routines

There are some mental strategies one can employ to hang on to his keys. Formulating a routine for entering and exiting one’s home or vehicle is a smart plan.

  • Do everything the same way every time. One should always check to make sure he has his keys BEFORE closing the door. Whether a fellow keeps his keys in his pocket or on a chain, making that last check can mean the difference between an ordinary day and one that involves calling a locksmith.
  • Know where everything is: Have a place for everything, like keys, cell phones, etc. Organisation is paramount to the prevention of costly mistakes.
  • Pay attention: Distraction is the enemy! People typically lose their keys, or lock them in the car because they were distracted. An extra effort to focus while using keys makes a difference.
  • Use a lanyard. Having key clips and lanyards helps focus mental attention. Employing such devices helps keep track of keys, and encourages routines.

Transponder Keys in Perth, Australia

Modern technology always seems to engender new problems any time it ‘advances.’ Transponder keys are much different from the automotive keys of yester-year. They contain an embedded microchip that corresponds with a car’s security system. Only a dealership or locksmith can make a copy; while a copy may physically turn the ignition, it will not start the vehicle if it is missing the proper code. The local hardware won’t be able to make a copy; it will take a locksmith to make new transponder keys in the Perth area. Otherwise, the dealership may order them. It’s just one of those ‘modern conveniences’ that are supposed to make life easier.

Sooner or later, the time will come when one needs a locksmith. Whether it is an emergency–hopefully, Mom didn’t lock the baby in the car–or just a matter of installing new locks on the front door, a locksmith is an invaluable tradesman. Some locksmiths may offer custom keying systems for the home or business that can only be duplicated by them–employing a restricted keying system increases security. For homes, cars, safes, and businesses, a professional locksmith such as SAS Locksmiths can provide customers with the levels of security they desire. And many locksmiths offer 24 hour emergency services. Using a coat hanger to pop the locks doesn’t work in newer cars. Window seals are too tight, and lock mechanisms are difficult to grasp. So, if Mom really did lock the baby in the car, just call a locksmith–he can make new keys on the spot, and save baby, and the day.

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