Don’t Let Leaking Pipes Destroy Your Home

Leaking pipes have the potential to destroy your home. A leaking pipe will destroy your flooring, furniture, and other valuables in your home and cause potential health problems if you don’t protect your home as soon as possible. Piping systems are a great invention (What would we do without indoor plumbing?) but like everything else made by men, they fail. When a pipe burst or leaks inside your home, the result can be catastrophic. No doubt you have friends or family members that have busted pipe horror stories.

Save Thousands of Dollars

This could be you if you have leaking pipes and don’t take the necessary steps to repair them. Read on and I’ll tell you about a quick and inexpensive way to repair a leaking pipe that could cost you thousands of dollars and some major headaches if you don’t repair it. This could also help protect your family’s health. In some cases, installing a flexible PVC pipe insert can repair a leaking pipe.

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Drip, Drip, Drip

Water from a leaking pipe can do significant damage to your house very quickly. It can also cause mold, which would be a health hazard for your family. There’s an old adage that teaches how over time, water washing over a rock can eventually wear the rock down to grains of sand. Now I’m assuming your house isn’t made out of rock but if it is, you don’t want it to erode into sand. Just imagine how quickly you can suffer major water damage if a leaking pipe if you don’t do something to protect your home quickly. Leaking pipes can damage your walls, flooring, and furniture, and they can also cause mold. When mold occurs due to water damage, it becomes a health issue.

No Plumber Necessary

I have a leaking pipe story that I can share with you about how I fixed it quickly and easily with a flexible, PVC pipe insert. Stories like this come in handy when you’re writing a story about leaking pipes. The PVC drainpipes in a bathroom and in our kitchen began to leak where they joined the u-traps. The u-traps were pulling down and separating from the vertical PVC drain lines that ran into them from the sink drains. This created a leaking pipe that had the potential to do a lot of water damage to the structure of our house. But I was able to repair this with an inexpensive flexible PVC pipe insert and without having to call a plumber. This works great for fixing leaking pipes in vertical drainpipe runs.

Quick and Easy

Before we realized we had a leaking pipe, water had soaked the cabinet and flooring beneath our sinks. We caught the leak before too much water damage was done but the bottom of the cabinet below the sink had to be replaced. We dodged a bullet because this could have ended up being a major repair. To install a flexible, PVC pipe insert, you need to purchase PVC pipe of the same size as your drain line. You can find them at most of the big box hardware stores. Then you have to determine how much of the existing drain line has to be cut out to install the new flexible piping. After you cut away a section of existing drain line, insert the bottom of the insert into the bottom cut and slip the flanged end of the flexible PVC onto the bottom of the top cut that you made. You can bend the flexible bellows in the pipe to make any offset adjustments if necessary. You may want to use some caulk to seal the fitting depending on its construction. This is a quick and easy way to protect your home.

Hi, I’m Chaos the Leaking Pipe

A coworker had a similar situation that wasn’t caught and they had to replace their entire kitchen floor. Obviously they had to go without a kitchen and had to deal with insurance adjusters and building contractors in their house for too long. Not to mention having to eat out until the kitchen was fixed. God forbid this should happen to you, but if it does will you be able to recover for just the cost of your insurance deductible? What will a leaking pipe incident like this do to the cost of your homeowner’s policy in the future?

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Five Dollars vs Thousand of Dollars

The great thing about flexible PVC pipe inserts is that you can get them for five dollars or less depending on where you live. Imagine how much time, money, and heartache you can save for only five dollars. You can see how easy it is to do the repair. You don’t even have to call a plumber for this. Water damage can cause serious problems so you should replace leaking pipes as soon as possible.