Dont all run into a corner and think I’m a miserable person who wants to spread my sadness and ruin everyone’s Christmas. I don’t hate alcohol, of course not. Booze is fine for those of you that can drink it ccasionally and sensibly and even outrageously on some occasions. Christmas is the prime time for going over ther top. A hangover after a riotus fun-filled Christmas day is well worth it in my opinion.

No, I’m talking to those of us who wrestle with the lie that we can have a few drinks, go to bed and get up at six o’clock the following morning for work. This time it will be different! I never meant to kiss the boss in front of his wife or set the house on fire when I left the grill on. I would never ever have a drink when I’m driving! Someone said ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions’ and the suffering alcoholic should have that tatooed on his forehead.

The ‘someone said’ is actually who I want to write about and it is not one person, but many, and they are all alcoholics, living one day at a time and recovering from their obsession. Alcoholics Anonymous is a self help group run by and for it’s members and I have seen miraculous recovery over the years. The excruciating shame that every uncontrollable drinker suffers when they emerge from a binge, is lifted when speaking to someone who has felt the same. Someone who has disgusted himself and all those he loves, ruined his marriage or screwed up his beloved children’s lives. When said person is presented to the drinker with clear, shining eyes, smart, clean clothes and a restored and loving relationship with his children, instaneous hope is felt and absorbed.

I’m not going to bore you with statistics from the Institute of Alcohol Studies. We know that alcohol addiction and more is on the increase. I’m talking about me and you, the average person, and if it does or does not affect your life. Only you know if you need help or not. Only you know if you want help.

Enough prattling from me, a cup of tea never tasted more delicious. If you identify with anything I’ve written. Get help before Christmas and have a good one. x