Don’t Let Your Trade Show Booth Get Lost in the Crowd

No matter what business you are in, industry trade shows are a great place to connect with potential new clients and show off your latest products. But what if people don’t notice your booth? Nothing is worse than standing at your exhibit and watching all the action take place across the room. But you can invest in a trade show pop up display to drive interest and traffic at your next show.Companies like Exhibit Solutions have all kinds of styles to choose from, and their staff can provide consultation and design services to help you determine the right marketing tools for your next presentation.

Ways to Make Your Exhibit Shine

A bold, colorful booth is a great way to attract attention, and a large pop up means visitors don’t have to happen by your area in order to notice you. Thoughtful, eye-catching marketing can make people go out of their way to check out what you have to offer, but keeping them there is key if you want them to learn about your products. If the pop up makes them to seek you out, a cohesive theme to the rest of your marketing can keep them looking. Haphazard or disjointed displays can cause people to lose interest, while related materials and a natural flow is more likely to boost further investigation. Drawing people in with all their senses can also be beneficial. Visually stimulating signage isn’t the only way to bring people your way. Using music, sound effects and aromas can all encourage engagement. Of course, products, pamphlets and demos will inspire visitors to interact as well. A little hospitality like coffee and other refreshments is always a good idea, too. Don’t forget promotional items and giveaways either. They’ll keep your business name in the minds of guests long after they’ve left the trade show, and if you utilize the same theme throughout your presentation, they’re more likely to remember what they saw.

Advantages of Professional Marketing Tools

A lack of focus and vision just doesn’t cut it at a professional trade show, and awkward or amateur staging can be cumbersome and ineffective. A trade show pop up display from a professional company can be well engineered for easy transport and set-up. They can offer high-quality colors and graphics to really make your booth stand out. Companies that sell marketing tools can also offer all types of products and materials to enhance your exhibition. Accessories, banners, table skirts and backdrops can all be integrated together, providing a visually pleasing and easy-to-follow presentation. Reputable companies will offer warrantees on all their products, so you can ensure that your investment will last for many years to come. Remember that excitement and enthusiasm is contagious. Your representative can be honored and proud to host such an attractive demonstration, and regardless of your company’s size or advertising budget you’ll project the image of success.

A well designed booth can inspire your reps, generate interest in your products and the materialscan be used again and again.Consider your budget and intent and consult with a professional marketing materials company to help bring your vision to life. A trade show pop up display can be a great starting point and a valuable investment for your business.